Mersey Tunnel 10K



  • I'll be the bird stood with the bloke with the twin boys then! image
  • I'll be the fella limping across the finish, out of breath, looking like a beatroot, looking for a bloke with twin boys and a tanned, blond, gob on a stick (one hell of a description by the way)
  • She's pretty spot on with that description as well image
  • I know, that's why I didn't argue. image
  • Anybody know if there are any showers available at the end?
  • You could have a quick dip in the Mersey... other than that there are no showers
  • ummmm, dip in the Mersey it is then!
  • Alan, there isn't entry on the day for this one is there? I'm only asking as some people I know asked me and I told them that there was no on the day entries and to get there application into you asap.
  • If anyone fancies a nice little warm up run before the Tunnel 10K don't forget that Liverpool Running Club are holding the Walton Park 5 Mile race next Tuesday at 7.30,done it last year,nice little run,entry is £8/£10 (£1 extra on the night) but you do get a nice little memento at the end,last year was a Walton Park 5 Mile commemorative towel which made a nice change.
  • Hey once the Lido is built at New Brighton - everyone will be able to have a dip and shower there !
  • Chieffy - I'm going to see if they will take my form for the Walton Park 5 at the club tonight. I hope we're not running round that track tonight. It's worse than doing a cross country on that thing.
  • NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY!! Plenty of time to enter now.

  • That's what I'm telling them Alan. I've never understood this waiting till the last minute to enter a race. It's not like the supermarket where you get a whoops sticker on it for a lower price. You either want to do a race or you don't.
  • More importantly... it doesn't help us with the provision of race collateral! We need to know in advance how much of everything we need to have on the day. The worst case scenario was the Half Marathon which saw people just turning up and helping themselves!! The ones at the back are the ones who lose out when there is 'insufficient' T shirts, water and so on.

    Enter early. It really does help us.

  • Mr LB is now considering running it. If he gets his arse in gear that is....image

    I never mentioned a tan by the way......image But I am having a fake bake next week!

    Standing in a nothing but a paper thong in front of a screen while some 18 year old with a fabulous body sprays an airgun at you is quite an ordeal though....image

    I like my HM tee shirt - even if it is too big. Its like a comfort blanky! image

  • *ahem*  I think you might have mentioned it...

    LIVERBIRD wrote (see)

    I'm easily recognisable.....image Long blonde hair, fake tan and gob on a stick...image

  • OK.... OK!

    But I was drunk when I wrote that highly accurate description...imageimage

  • Sorry, LB - I'm a pedant in diguise.

    I, however, am the opposite in appearance; short dark hair, pasty white/blue to the point of reflecting sunlight and quite quiet. Will they even let me into Liverpool?! image

  • You'll stick out like a bloody sore thumb.....image
  • image

    I always count on the fact I'm quite little so no one notices anyway!

  • LB & Jay Snizzel - real shame you guys are unable to participate this year image Still only 365 days later and 2012 Mersey will be upon us !!

    I will be easy to recognise - fat / middle aged / red faced & knackered - only thing that gets me over the finish line is the promise of food in the goody bags !!

  • How old are you then Shrek?image
  • Did the Mueller 10km last weekend with a fantastic personal worst image  Mind has been elsewhere ie sorting out my first house therefore lack of training.  Mind you it was really really good fun as my boyfriend who normally runs 44mins stuck with me this time and everytime I wanted to stop, he gave me a firemans lift up the hilly bits.  We still even managed to finish 55 places infront of the two guys tied together trying to do a three legged race.  I'm now 9mins slower than last year image  Hope I do a bit better at this one cause enjoyed it last year
  • Funniest thing though was the comments I got and the shock horror on peoples faces when I was being carried lol

  • Nutty - don't worry about the time. You know this is a good race, so just relax and enjoy it and you will probably do better anyway.

    Shrek - I refuse to be middle aged. I don't know where the end is so that means I can't know where the middle is, therefore I am just young all the time. Simples.

    How to recognise LB

  • I don't recognize her without the red shirt.
  • I won't be wearing my red shirt! image

    I will wear something completely inappropriate and uncomfortable, as is in keeping with my high maintenance reputation!image



  • LB - My age is a well kept secret - even I can't remember and have to ask her indoors ! Fast approaching 40 !!!! Ahh.......image

    JPenno - If LB looks that good - I will be first to the finish line - love "d" the muppets

    Nutty1976 - I did the Muller too ! What were the hilly bits ? Just some gentle hills near the start but I found it fairly flat other than that - good run & great that youre boyfreind helped you on a bit. Well done for lasting it out & finishing in a respectable place - I cheered the 3 legged ones on at the end but what a day - great carnival atmosphere - shame I just couldnt face the hogroast after the run

    lfc - good attitude to middle aged - for me it was crisis number 1 at around 34 - I am in need of another crisis now image

  • LB - by the way - don't think the photo worked - unable to open / view it ?
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