Mersey Tunnel 10K



  • LIVERBIRD wrote (see)

    It does sadden me that Manchester can attract 35,000 people and an amazing elite field whilst charging (what I feel to be) an huge amount for a 10K but all credit to them for delivering what appears to be a fantastically well supported and well run race day.

    Its only down the road - so why couldn't Liverpool deliver something just as good? I would argue it has the better vista with the waterfront and the people are brilliant!

    Something to aim for, I guess....image

     Liverpool HM was much more scenic than the Manchester 10k - obviously its twice the distance but they didn't make any effort to take us through parks or anything - just road, road, raod and it was far too expensive.

    Did get a PB of 57.40 thoughimage

  • I wouldnt of enjoyed running past Old Trafford
  • Keith OBKeith OB ✭✭✭
    Jay Snizzel wrote (see)
    I wouldnt of enjoyed running past Old Trafford

    Now I know why my time was so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!image

    Looking forward to being quicker through the tunnel

  • I agree it wasnt very nice running past Old Trafford, I picked up my pace as I did just so I could get past it quicker!!!

    Looking forward to being back in Liverpool on the 30th and hopefully getting a pb


  • AlanRothwell wrote (see)
    I'll just take the tampons and lenor out! Alan

    LOL! image

    Don't you like your clothes to smell nice and fresh then? Or does poor Yvonne do EVERYTHING for you?image

  • Race number 517 received! Loving the new timing chip - always a hassle to wait to get them cut off while your Mars planets melt! image)
  • Jealous! Hoping the number arrives tomorrow image
  • LB - Yvonne used to everything for me!! Not any more. i think it's an age thing.


    Frodo - your number will arrive.
  • nice to meet you last night Alan,the goody bags were great and i cant wait to smell my kit after using the lenorimage
  • My pleasure! It looked a good turn out and the Goody Bags (left over from the Women's 10K if you didn't know) were well received.
  • My race number has arrived imageimageimage

    Number 409 - I must have entered back in 2008 to get such a low one ?? !!

    Happy Days

    I have had a week off running due to doing 2 races in 1 week (1 x 9 mile and 1 x 10K) so felt I deserved a break image

    Now my pack has arrived I suddenly realise we have 2 weeks to go and ahhhhh........ I need to get back out and train - Yipeee

    Don't you feel the difference when youre not running - slow, lethargic, lazy & fat - legs twitching - need to get out

  • Louise is looking for a bit of guidance!! I've just had a request from a young lady who is partially sighted as she is looking for someone to run the race with her.

    She will do it in about an hour or so and would appreciate a guide for the day!

    If anyone is interested please contact me on my usual email address.

  • Alan, we had 250 runners which is one of our best turnouts for the event,Liverpool running club do really appreciate your gesture of handing out the goody bags and they did go down very well with the finishers.

    i also had a decent run and finished 1st male vet 40.

  • i will also ask for an announcement tomorrow night at the club to see if anyone is willing to run with the partially sighted young lady
  • I'll give a free entry to anyone wishing to do it.


  • I absolutely WOULD do it if I were fit.

    I hope you find someone Alan.

  • Keith OBKeith OB ✭✭✭

    Still no sign of my number or my GF's.

    Starting to worry as cheques cashed weeks ago


  • Never know why people worry about numbers. We always sort out any that don't arrive (due to the quality of Postal service!!) They have all been sent out and you will receive in good time.

  • Any luck with finding a helper for your partially sighted lady, Alan?

    I was hoping to run a PB, but if you can't find anyone else I wouldn't mind helping out; there are other 10K races I can race hard in. Just let me know if no one else volunteers image

  • Frodo - very kind of you to offer. I have one other offer at the moment and have contacted Louise. If it doesn't come off I'll get back to you straight away.
  • Morning gang!

    Quiet on here - you're not actually WORKING are you Alan?


  • hi all, been a bit up the wall the last few weeks, is it too late to enter the race?
  • Jakesy wrote (see)

    Alan, we had 250 runners which is one of our best turnouts for the event,Liverpool running club do really appreciate your gesture of handing out the goody bags and they did go down very well with the finishers.

    i also had a decent run and finished 1st male vet 40.

    Liverpool Harriers first summer 5k had 112 entries a couple of weeks ago,only the second time they've had over 100,it could take off this running lark!image

    Managed to shave 14 seconds off my PB at Walton,and that was after a four-day bender,I reckon I must've been fully carb loaded!!

  • Oi LB - I never stop!! It is quiet though... nervous tension perhaps ahead of the big day?
  • can you still reg for this guys or is it too late
  • Online until SUNDAY. In person after that.
  • thanks Alan, will reg tomorow
  • Blimey, having seen the weather for this weekend I'm just glad it's not this Sunday...hoping it to be a bit cooler and lot clouder this year!
  • And in a bout of being well and truly organised, just got my Liverpool 10k registration in as well...blimey, the early where's my santa dash app! image
  • Stillwaters... your not the first. 32 entries for October 10K and 34 for the Santa Dash!!
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