Win the Three Peaks Yacht Race

Running team wanted to join crew of White Cloud.
The race takes the runners from Barmouth to Caenarfon to run up Snowdon (24m).  Then Whitehaven for Scafell (30m cycling & 18 running). Then to Fort William for Ben Nevis (18m).  Starts 19th June 2010 - takes 3 or 4 days.

White Cloud, an HOD 35, was the fastest boat on the 2008 race both on the water and handicap.  Her skipper John Donnelly was co-skipper with Geoff West's EADS Innovation Works the outright winner in 2009. Second in 2009 was another HOD 35 Hazard Chase so the boat is very competitive.

The crew are experienced off-shore racing sailors from the Solent who have sailed and raced together for many years This is their 3rd 3PYR with shore back-up and new sails.

We are looking for 2 runners can can perform as a team and deliver the running/cycling times with the ambition and ability to win the King or Queen of the Mountains trophy. They need time to train on the runs (running and cycling) and ability to navigate in the dark (the crew can look after it at sea!).

If interested, call 02392588179 or


  • damnit.. this has been on my to do list for some time ..... i presume they're looking to this years race.
  • Yes it is this years race.  Interested?


  • Sounds fantastic.  Would love to have gone for this, but only a few days after IMDE, so I'll still be away.  Shame.  Hope you manage to get a good team together, John.
  • So DIM, which IMDE are you doing? the 3 peaks race is in June, way before your tapir.... image
  • Oh yeah......, damn, that was such a good excuse too.....

    Alas, still no good - I do Bala, then 3-week tapir before IMDE.  Now, Mr ATOM, kindly shuddub.  Danke.

  • in principle... a few days out of my own ironman training not a problem...... preparation & route reccieing to get mountain ready.. probably not sorry!

    (plus you'll be wanting someone faster image )

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