Any Ipswich runners out there?

Helloooo, long time no post!
I have finally moved into my new house in Ipswich (hence my slackness on the forums) so no longer have the delights of running around South West London (I'm missing Richmond Park already). Does know of any good runs in and around Ipswich which I can take myself off on? I know there are a few East Anglian runners on the forums so any tips would be helpful.

I'm feeling extremely lazy as I've done no running for about three weeks and now I'm beginning to panic as the GNR is looming, anyone else not quite in the running vibe at the moment?

Norfolk Dumpling :)


  • ND
    Thought I'd revive this forum. For years I lived in very northern Essex. There are some great walks around the Constable country.Also Walton on the Naze etc. Great for running, and the advantage is it's as flat as hell.
    L<et me know what you find, cos I go back over there regularly.
  • Hi ND, I am in Ipswich Running Club, but unfortunately actually live in Sudbury, if you get bored on a Monday night come along to the Northgate Sports Centre (Sidegate Lane) this is our club night, for 7.30pm, ask for Paul, most runners know me, at least I would be a friendly forum face :)

    Otherwise feel free to email me direct if you wish, and goo luck for GNR, are you running any other local runs, like Langham 10km this Sunday, or Martlesham 10km on 13 Oct???

  • Hi there Nattynoodle
    apologies for the delay in repling but have been on hols for a week sorting out various house stuff and therefore have had no access to the internet. Would love to come along to the running club but I commute from Ipswich to London and getting to the club might be a struggle for 7.30 - I'll look into it. No plans for any local runs at the moment, only just getting my bearings in ipswich.

    Thanks for the advice though (and to you Barkles as well - I like the idea of flat runs!)

  • Hi Norfolk Dumpling, no problem, we dont actually start any running until about 8.10pm by the time the social meeting side is out of the way, and if you fancy popping up I will always be on the track anyway, as it is my speed night, so even if you got there around 8.30pm I would still be running round, you would recognise me quite easily as long as it isnt raining as I always train in white jogging bottoms in the dry. You could just pop along one night to say hello if you like.

    Best Wishes
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