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Well -

I'm not in the (sub-3) shape that I was in, this time last year, and am planning not to get too upset when I don't post another PB come April.

It has got me thinking though about how to best enjoy VLM '10 and have a purpose, and I suddenly had a flash of inspiration: become a pacer!
I've been pacing friends in local races recently, and (logistics of different starts aside) was planning on pacing / advising friends at VLM, but thought it might be possible to do it "properly".

Does anyone know how I might get in touch with those coordinating the official pacers for VLM? I've a fair bit of marathon experience and would be quite comfortable pacing anything 3'15 or slower. It would give me the discipline not to try hareing off at sub-3 pace when I know I won't quite manage it again this time...


  • The only pacers i've heard about in VLM are the RW ones. The editor Andy Dixon is one of them, so i'd hazard an educated guess that if you contacted him you'd be able to discuss any possibilities. Think the email is editor@runnersworld.co.uk. Not sure if there are any other pacers from other organisations out there, one way to find out would be to contact the race director, David Bedford.

  • Thanks - the pacer groups are from RW - I've seen them several times over the years.
  • They are tied to the normal entry timetable rules - all the london marathon pacer slots were confirmed a few months ago. (They have 6 at the red start, and 6 at the blue)

    As to people using their own entry places to volunteer to be an additional pacer - dunno, they might be interested I guess
  • EPS

    RW don't have a 3.15 pace group, why don't you set up an unofficial one of say 10 or so runners to all meet up at the start, i would love to be paced round having run round with the RW 3.30 pacer who got me round in 3.29.27

    lets say a donation to charity of your choice and free beer in chandos for yourself from anybody who wants pacing

    oh yea you will have to hold one of those stick things up until the crowds thin out a bit count me in if this becomes a goer.

  • Well - a big fat nothing in response from all emails so far.

    I guess it's the "informal" option then.

    Anybody up for a 3:15 off the Red (Fast Good For Age) start?

    No donations required- just a sense of cameraderie and willingness to work together & enjoy the event required.

    Beer at Chandos was great last year and sounds equally enticing this time round!
  • count me in, hoping iam on red start will let you know later

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Scot, I've been thinking along similar lines because of a current knee injury.  Still touch and go whether I'll toe the line in April but the a PB's virtually out of the question if I am there so I was thinking of putting myself forward (unofficially) as a sub-3:00 pacer.  We'll see...

    Anyway, have you offered your services over on the 3:15 thread?  I'm sure you'd be worth a few pints of Sam Smith's over there.  image

  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭
    RW pacers were confirmed just after Christmas...try e-mailing Matt Gilbert for inclusion in future programmes. I stumbled in, by accident, to pacing at Cardiff 3 years ago and it's a different perspective as KK states above. Done Bath and Silverstone and will VLM this year. Always wondered about 3.15 as it's a crucial time for GFA's for certain age groups whereas the mins per mile work circa the 30 min splits.  Cardiff now carry on with pacers, sourcing their own, as RW no longer cover that event. Don't know what reaction there would be to an unofficial pace group tho. 
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