Triathletes in Singapore


I know there is at least on person that posts on here that is based in Singapore, but have mislaid his email address, so;

Am going to have a few days to kill inbetween meetings whilst in Singapore at the start of March, so am looking for advice on places to swim and run?

Also if anyone fancies meeting up would be more then happy to do so.

If you PM me I will let you I will let you know where I am staying.


  • GOM - do you mean aandersnog?? I think he's in Indonesia not Singapore..

    my niece lives in Singapore - I can ask her if you want - PM me
  • I think he was in Indonesia, but moved to Singapore last year. I had a chat with him last year about Singapore. But as I say have mislaid his email address, and couldn't remember how he spelt his forum name.

    Will drop you a mail in a bit, just about to go swimming!

  • Gom - put something on the IMHO thread. Andersnog is in Singapore.
  • Thanks Gyraffe, I'll stick my head in at some point!
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