Radar Challenge 10K

I just thought I may give this a go instead of the Lincoln 10k on the same day.  After all, it is a one-off special on that lovely new road which has been disrupting all journeys to Peterborough from Boston for the last dog only knows how long.  Anyone else doing it or will it just be me? image


  • I was thinking of doing it before I go on holiday on the 26th March although it is 1½ hours drive from home for me.

     Hope you get a good time!!

  • It would be a great way to build up to your dillies image.  Welcome to the forum, btw!
  • I was but I have been laid up with flu for te last week I've done no training since great eastern and was looking at just jogging around this. Not sure if you can enter on the day though I have past the postal entry date.

  • No, in the race details it says no on the day entry image.  There is an email address - it may be worth contacting them and asking
  • cheers
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