Lucozade Sport Race your Pace Half-Marathon

Anyone else doing this?

I'm doing my first half at Tunbridge Wells on 28th Feb but was also considering this (since its flat) if I don't get the time I want at Tunbridge


  • I'm also running this event Gribb0 - will be in prep for VLM image
  • Am in, it might be a wee bit boring but fits in with my training plan. Not quite sure how to get there from the station mind.
  • I've never done this one before so I can't really comment.
  • Looks like it is a 15 minute taxi ride from all stations. (Slough / Windsor)
  • Hi.

    Have just attempted to enter this race (disorganised I know!) only to find the evenyt is closed.

    Does anyone happen to have a spare number? Happy to meet expenses!


  • Planning on getting the train from Waterloo to get to Windsor Riverside just before nine, anyone thinking of sharing a cab?
  • Another entrant here - from South Wales!!

    25mph winds and rain forecast for Sunday!! - just hoping that the long term forecast is wrong (again!)

  • Setting off from Lancashire tonight - should be used to wet and windy weather I suppose!

    Looking forward to meeting people at the event.

  • Weather forecast looking a little better, none of those 25mph winds, just a mere 8 mph predicted!

    Good luck all.

  • Hello Forumites - looking fwd to tomorrow (I think) - despite weather - will be shame.

    What pace you doing peeps?


  • Just got back to sunny Lancs.

    Wind seemed a bit more than 8mph to me!!

  • Yep it was, but nice to have it on your back for half the lap, ended up witha PB!

    How comes you came all the way from Lancs for this one? I had an entry for the Liverpool Half that I had to give up because spent much of this weekend moving flats (from one part of North London to another).

    Despite the PB, found this one a little boring, Liverpool City would have been tons better Ian no?

  • Expensive and not well run I thought. It would have been nice if the stewards could have pointed out where the startline was at registration. I ended up having to run 2k in 10 mins just to get to the start. (Yes I know it was in the details I was sent, but it didn't say it was half-way down the lake).

    A medal would have been nice too, for £25 I would have expected more than a mug and a drink. A lucozade recovery bar at least would have been much appreciated.

    Not sure I'd do it again at that price.

  • Agree with all the comments Tevor, ran with a friend and it was her first half so a bit annoyed she did not have a medal or t-shirt to show for it!

    They were giving away recovery bars in the lucozade tent but only found that out because saw someone eating one.

    The only reason I would do this again was if I was desperate for a new PB as it was a very flat, if not boring, course.

  • Congrats on the PB Peza!

    The only reason I ventured that far South was that I was one of the Lucazade Super 6 shortlisters (though didn't get to the final 6) and we got free entry (anything for a freebie!) Having said that I thought it was very well organised and the marshalling was really good. I also really enjoyed the seminar but, I agree with all the above that the course was really DULL.

    Missed a PB by 2 minutes as well - much work to do before the Edinburgh Marathon I fear.

  • Interested to read all your comments from 2010.

    For the record not a lot has changed in a year.  I too had to run over a mile to get to the start line only to see them start without me (how very dare they!) but that was my fault for faffing around getting ready, but  they could have communicated better during the morning, why no megaphone or PA addresses to tell runners to make there way to the start?  That said I left with a few more gripes...

    I think there will be plenty of races with a pb potnetial that offers better value, better scenery, more support, more enthusiastic marshalling and a shorter distance from the car to the start line!

    I only entered this race for sub 1:30 PB and just about got it but i'm not sure i'd run it again. 

    We did get a medal this year BTW.

  • TL73, There was a chap with a microphone on the PA calling you to the start, although to be fair he wasn't that loud.  In fact I'd say he was very quiet.

    I entered it for a pb, was well on target until pulling up half way with a tightening calf, in fact I could have jogged the second half and still got one so it's a quick course although it could be tough if there is a wind blowing. I've done better races, the lack of support was ok, I can handle that, but the mile from the car to the  bag drop and then km to the start was a nuisance.  There are better value races in my opinion, especially considering the support from the numerous sponsors.  I would possibly do this again, maybe with a friend to break up the monotony, at my relatively slow pace, aiming on a 1:37, it started to get strung out by 6 miles.  Relatively well organised, seen worse, seen better. Did what it said on the tin, although you got economy baked beans at premium prices in my opinion, it turned in to little more than the feeling of a fast paced training run through the park.

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