Trek or Specialized

Hi ,

 Looking for an entry level road bike........looking at the Specialized Dolce 24 or the Trek 1.2....does anyone have any recommendations for either WSD?

 A very grateful FC


  • Personally I would opt for the Specialized but then its a personal opinion because I know that that particular make suits me and fits me ....
    Have you tried both of them??
  • No I havent' tried either yet....just internet surfing for an idea...I guess I will have to road test them, I guess most shops are happy to oblige a test run?


  • heavens yes,  in fact I wouldnt part with my money if they didnt

    You have to be comfortable on the bike and I have tried several of the same size frame and they have all felt different

    Try before you buy definitely or find another shop   IMO
  • Not all - margins on new bikes are quite tight so they don't all want people taking their bikes for a spin and then buying off the internet.    I reckon if they are willing to spend some time figuring out what size you want that is possibly more important - in my experience lots don't even do that.   

     Of the two the Trek looks like it's got a better groupset - couldn't vouch for the frame and wheels.   

  • Plus - Specialized doesn't lend itself to a funky name (I'm not even going to MENTION the "z" in it). A Trek, of course, would happily answer to the name Shrek, I'm sure.

    HTH. image
  • Pops  .. of the bikes that I have brought I have been able to try them all

    Just going on experience,  I am spending a lot of money and wont be buying a bike that I havent been able to try
  • Hi I am trying out the same specialized bike tomorrow....It had to be ordered in and set up, so now get to try.  I want to know I am comfortable with it first.  Liked the feel of it even though it was the wrong size.  I paid 50 pounds to get them to order the bike in,but will get the money back if it is no good-I will probably look at another bike from them anyway.
  • Shops down your way sound better than round here Melds - went shopping for a new bike with a mate getting into cycling this time last year and I was really shocked at how poor the service was.   The real killer was a shop that had a measuring jig in the shop - wouldn't let the guy sit on it as "it's only for people ordering our custom made frames".   All he wanted was to sit on the jig so he could choose between two sizes - in the end we went elsewhere and bought a second hand Giant they'd taken as a trade in so he got a better bike for the money anyway.
  • Quite like the Cubes. In fact I bought an MTB one. Very BMW. Lots of bang for buck and run real sweet with good build quality
  • wow....lots of advice, thanks guys. My local shop has offered to get the specialized in for me so I guess that is a start although sometimes I feel it puts pressure on to buy. Not many shops have a good selection of WSD so it's difficult to shop around.

    Sara be interested to know how you get on....good luck with that

    FC image

  • I have two WSD Specialized and really like them both. Depends on if they fit though what suits one person may not suit another. Shreks are a good make but never ridden one.
  • I'm also in the specialised camp here! Just always hear good reports about them.
  • I got the Specialized Dolce 24 and absolutely love it.  It is my first road bike and the shop were great as they let me test them out and the Specialized just felt more comfortable by far.

    Good luckimage

  • OH has a Specialized Allez and he never stops raving about it, but he's not had a racing bike before to compare with.    I'm going to be looking for a Specialized too next month I think when I start bike shopping after reading this.  Ta! image
  • Pluses for the Trek are it has proper Sora/Tiagra equipment and is 9 speed at the back.   Plus it's got mudguard eyes and a bit more clearance which for some people isn't a consideration but for my money makes sense if you live in this country and you don't have another bike as a Winter trainer. 

     Specialized always used to get a good review for the quality of their frames on the cheaper bikes so that might be a plus point there.

    If you are getting to sit/ride both then take the one that feels/looks nicest - but if they feel the same then on paper the Trek is a bit better.


  • Ooooooooo.......just done some googling and found I've got one of these concept stores near me.image

    Now just have to talk to OH nicely to get an early birfday pressie as I can't wait!!!!!  image

  • Soup.. You looking at the one in Chester ?  The Bike Factory (next door and same owner) Also does Trek and Pinarello,, and often has 2nd hand bikes in..... All the staff know what they are talking about and the service is ace, Further down the road towards twon is The Edge, Sprog 2 swears by thier service
  • No - I'm in London Dave.  I've just been over there for a quick look.  They recommend the Dolce Sport at £690 or something (ouch), will make sure it fits me and will accompany on a ride before I decide to buy.  I'm going to shop around though, but very tempted if I the cycle scheme actually starts at work. 

    Thanks anyway. image

  • I went to the one in Ricky and it was ace   image
  • flaming chubster - don't know where you live but sigma sports seem to stock both brands so it would be easy to compare and they are meant to be a good shop.   I might just pop along there too.......Sigma

    This is exciting.image

  • Hey, this has got everyone looking for new bikes! I live in Herts so I can easily get to a lot of good bike shops.......Leisure Wheels are on my doorstep , have also had a look  at Evans in MK. Will have a look at Sigma Sports , if there is one near it would be great to compare both on same day.

    Thanks for all the advice


  • Trek 1.2 gets my vote!
  • To be perfectly honest £ for £ there isnt a massive difference between the Specialized and Trek, getting a bike that fits and also that you like the look of (youve got to want to ride it) are the key things. 
  • Well I bought the specialized...I now have to learn how to ride a bike again.  I am so used to a MB I am in big trouble!!  I wobbled all over the place and couldn't even work out how the gears changed.  Not my best moment.  Tried it yesterday for a quick spin, and was fantastic.  So much faster, wind whistling fast!!  Did find that the bumps etc were a bit unforgiving though!!  Anyhow I took the plunge...
  • Ooooooh  good luck sara.  To be honest I got a bit worried when the shop said they'd accompany me on a ride cos I'm scared stiff of looking a plonker wobbling all over till I find my balance.

    well done and glad you like it.

  • sara - a bikes a bike......  if you have the balance etc from a MTB then a couple of rides and you will be sorted.

    tri bars next...????  took me 20 mins to love them......

  • LOL OC!  Think I will wait and see if I like this tri lark before I buy anymore kit. 

    Went out today to see if I could ride in a straight line, and was much better.  A few wobbles and issues with my gear changing!  However knocked 12mins off my old MTB time for my short route without trying-so can see the massive difference it makes.

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