Any Regulars at Stamford Bridge

Any regular fans at Chelsea Stamford Bridge? My husband has bought tickets through Thomas Cook as he's heading to London from Scotland to see his beloved team with his eldest son. It's been a number of years since he's been down so he's highly excited! Only issue is they've got tickets for the Upper West Stand and although the seats are side by side numbers (25/26), they've got different entry gates listed - gate 1 and 2. Does anyone have any idea how the gates work there these days? Don't like the thought of sending the lad in on his own - is it just the turnstiles that the gate refers to?

 Thanks to anyone who can help! image


  • Puffy Junior writes...

     Hi Clag,

     It shouldn't be a problem going through the turmstiles, as i imagine the seats are just both on the border of the gate they're in. I think you should be able to go through the same turnstyle. However, if this isn't the case, the turnstyle will come out within yards of each other. The ticket works on a bar code system, where the ticket is placed in a scanner and scanned. Even if you have to go through turnsyles, you'll come out next to each other. If you're still uncomfortable doing this, then just speak to the stewards, as the stewards at the Bridge that I've come across are all helpful and friendly and i'm sure any problem can be solved.

  • ClagClag ✭✭✭
    Cheers Puffy Junior. That'll reassure them. Not the most streetwise of lads so he'd worry. Now, his younger brother, that's a different story! Think the ticket systemis silar at our local ground. Just a much smaller scale so more of a free for all.
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