Burglary Tool??

Found this interesting site, they surf sites like Facebook, twitter etc and put your update on their site when it tells people your not home, Such as "xyz has just checked in at the airport" or "abc is at the cinema watching Avatar".

They say it's as a warning to people that their updates can be dangerous but i'm sure there will be some poeple that can think of another reason to use it.!!

Please Rob Me


  • I believe it was initially a uni student project about privacy awareness and social networking sites 
  • I can see what there intention is/was but was merely pointing out that it does provide certain members of society with something that could be used for a more sinister motive, I know the chances are slim but still..........
  • maybe not so slim - my daughter was burgled a short time ago while she was out getting her 4 yo from school. She had her laptop and some jewellery stolen.

    The police told her that she had been on the internet just before she left the house. I had assumed that it was somebody who was cruising around looking for wireless networks and took the opportunity (it was a smash the window quick in and out job), but maybe this had something to do with it!

  • I've just taken a look at the site and I think it's completely irresponsible.  Although the site says it's not their intention to have anyone burgled, what else is it there for?!!
  • Dutch students, I forgot to add. I can guess what they were smoking...
  • How on earth do they get away with that?  What an irresponsible site - I guess it should make people think about their profile updates but still not needed!

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