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Hi all just found out I'm on a training course in reading on the 24th march staying at the calcots hotel dose any one know of a good 7 to 8 mile route i can run from there or is there a club i can join in a long run either on the 24th or 25th  image thanks


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  • I live in Reading but right over the other end of town and don't know Calcot. But some vague ideas for you - the biggest local club is Reading Roadrunners, who on Sunday mornings at 9 do a long run from Palmer Park (again, way over the other side of town but if you have a car and look it up it should be easy to get to). At least, they used to do these runs, you could check their website.

    There are good routes along the Kennet and Thames towpaths, could be worth checking out the maps. The surfaces are generally good and ideal for running on.

    Sorry, but that's the best I can offer.

    Edit: d'oh, the 24th and 24th aren't a Sunday. But the Roadrunners meet on a Wednesday evening, again at Palmer Park. Why not turn up and see if you can attach yourself to one of the groups going for a run - it's a big club with lots of groups. Good luck!

  • Thanks for that Muttley will look into it

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