5 weeks to half marathon = PANIC!!

hi guys,

its 5 weeks tomnorrow until i compete in the bournemouth bay half marathon. the problem is i still havnt been following a training programme of any description and im now beginning to panic that i will flop on the day!

im 18 and reasonably fit. due to heavy coursework and work issues, i havent had the time to train much for what will be my first running event i have done. so far i have just done the occasional run, with the last 2 lasting 1 hour. however, this has only been about once a week.

however, i have now settled my work committments which allows me to focus on my training. my target is to complete the course in less than 2 hours. is this possible in this limited period of time?

as its my first running event, im not sure how to structure my training to achieve my goal. any help with this would be much appreciated. thanks in advance guys.


  • Mike don't panic, as long as you have a good base fitness it won't be a problem, I ran my first half off the back of 6 weeks training and managed a 1:35, I played football twice a week and went to the gym two or three times a week before though. Just don't try and do too much too soon or you will find yourself injured. On the day you will find a little extra inside which will help you round.

     I'm running my first half in three years in 4 weeks and the furthest i've run is 6 miles which was yesterday which is equal to my longest ever training run! hope to put an 8 miler in before!

    I've need followed a rigid trainning plan, although I am sure there are many benifits of doing so I find it hard finding the time to plan ahead and to be so organised!

  • cheers mate, thats a bit more reassuring!

    what sort of training were you doing for it? just running and football?

    im not sure whether to just train by going for runs or if other cv workouts are beneficial?


  • The best way to get good at running is to run. Other CV can't harm, but it won't help as much as running.
  • My training for my first was about 10 x 10 km runs in the six week build up and with several 5km runs inbetween, Most of the runs were done on the treadmill as well! I only manage a handfull of road runs, not the best preparation but I still managed to get round. I couldn't walk properly for several days afterwards though. The second time I ran I had about 10 weeks training but was troubled with a few minor injuries and was slower than the first!!! this time I've given myself 8 weeks but the snow caused havoc for the first few weeks.

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