Coniston 14 Plus (16.7m)


Have emailed the organisers and they are happy to do a legitimate transfer.

I've had second thoughts about the distance as I have a marathon 2 weeks later and that is my ultimate focus.

The race is full so if anyone would like my place, I'm just looking for what I paid (£16).
Message me if you're interested and we can sort the details.



  • Probably a wise move, Kelly. I'm in the same position - but as it means I can go and see my mum and get a babysitter for a night out at home I shall be going and running it steady!
  • Mothers, eh, bless em. My race potential would be scuppered without mine - chief babysitter. My kids are still little, 6, 4 and 2 so it's a bit of a nightmare for OH to bring them to most races (the 6yr old does not tolerate crowds!)

    Yes, I'm racing all but one weekend in March too so did think it would be a bit too much. I'll still do it if I can't offload my number, but will definitely be easy LSR pace. I also need to take a look at future race planning, I schedule too much every time!

  • When is this Kelly?? image

    **Scratch that Kelly just found the race on UK Results, its on the 27th March. I do the Liverpool hal fthe day after so anyone else interested??**

  • Sorry, the date was an important detail. Thanks anyway image

    An alternative if anyone does want the number would be to make a donation to my justgiving page as I'm raising money for my son's school. Message me first to make sure I've still got it.


  • Well not sure what pace you'd do it at, but I'll be looking to run between 7:30 and 7:45 if you want a pootle-buddy!
  • Ha ha, I could only wish to have a steady/easy pace like that, but unfortunately that is more my half pace. Thanks for the offer though.

    Maybe see you at Blackpool as you speed off into the distance? image

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