Endorphins akimbo

Yeah, alright it's a training thing, but I don't care. Had a s*it day and wen for a new from of run for me. Half a mile to a running track from my parents place, so Mrs Mini and micro well catered for.
" laps to warm up then... 2 miles at 7mins 46 each.
Followed by wonderful 3 miler through the woods in dappled sunlight. No traffic, clean air. No-one else anywhere.
Possibly my most enjoyable run anywhere anytime, except perhaps Melbourne.
Feel fantastic and endorphins all over the place.
Mini and Micro having sleepover with my folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Makes it all seem worthwhile when you get a run like that ... you'll probably remember it forever now. Really chuffed for you - I've had a cr*p day and was feeling down til I read this - and now you've got me feeling quite a bit brighter - thanks

    'except perhaps Melbourne'....? Sorry, hadn't realised you were an international athelete!
  • SS
    In March I was asked if I would go to Oz for a fortnight to visit schools there. It was great cos I got some warm weather training in before FLM.
    Had some fantastic runs there.
    Great run today tho'.
  • Funny how people vary isn't it..All winter long - on those dark cold mornings pre FLM -how I longed for warm sunny days. And now we've had a few - I've discovered I just can't run when its warm at all, I get tired really fast...(getting my excuses in now for Sunday)! I'm actually looking forward to the dark cold early December morning runs - watching the meteorite showers at 6.00am ...
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Can't wait to start wearing my tights again! Running on a cold frosty morning, after the warm weather of the past few months, sounds like bliss!
  • Just pleased to be running again.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    You've done well to get back to this stage so soon Barkles. What's the chances of you being fit enough for FLM next year?
  • Goodness Barkles - you should be ecstatic at running so well - I just can't believe it after you had such a bad summer. Have you ever run this fast before (recently pre injury?)
    Maybe I should find some rollocks to fall onto.... (that is an R by the way - can't remember how you're meant to spell them - know this isn't right tho !)
  • Drew, I would LOVE to run London next year.
    I have applied, and if I egt in I'll be ready.
    The injuries has really spurred me on.
    It'll be a tall order. The down point was withdrawing from GNR which I literally had my heart set on, being an exiled Geordie.
    The risk was too great, but I'll be up to seven or so by then, and having joined a club, I hope my performance will improve.
    I've never enjoyed sport as much as I am.
    Perhaps life really begins at 40?
    I'll never be fast, but the enthusiasm's there!
  • SS
    Pre injury I ran 5k in 22mins odd which was shifting for me. I think that equates to 7mins plus a bit per mile- my maths ain't good - I'm a teacher.
  • Sounds good. I, too, had a crap day (as well as yesterday), and after sitting semi-comatose at around 6pm, I decided to go for a 3.5 mile run anyway, as my legs were really aching. Oh course, it was a good decision, and I really enjoyed it.
  • Great stuff, Barkles. It's just wonderful when that happens. Sounds as if you're well and truly mended now. Glad you had a good one too, Hildegard.

    I can't join in the enthusiasm for winter running. I have loved being able to run in daylight after work, being able to go out for a walk in daylight before work, being able to wear a t-shirt, shorts and a smear of sunscreen, and regarding headwinds as a cooling bonus. I'm not looking forward at all to mittens and leggings and fleeces and frozen hair and trying to avoid falling on icy pavements. In fact, after last year's injury fiasco I may stick to the treadmill when underfoot gets icy to avoid risking the old ligaments.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Barkles, I can confirm that life does begin at 40 (at least it does for running!)
  • Brilliant Barkles, it's wonderful to get a special run like that in occasionally. Glad you're back on your feet properly.
    As for your age, we've already talked about that, haven't we?
  • I hope you're right Drew, I'll be joining you shortly
  • Must agree Barkles with the 'life begins at 40' Barkles.It's begun for me in my mid 30's.
    I couldn't run when I was a kid(school cross countries were a source of humiliation)but now feel like I've been running all my life.Can't figure it out.
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