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Hi Guys,

 I went running with a friend yesterday through the snow ,ice and mud off road, which was great fun. My mate has really got into the bare foot running craze and bought some vibrum five finger shoes which are apaprently as close to bare foot running as you can get without actually having any shoes on. I wondered what people out here think to them and who has them as my searches haven't brought back much info? I am asking as he thinks they are brilliant and loves running in them and I am tempted......

Any advice or opinions on this would be most appreciated.




  • read this long running thread - tells you everything you need to know
  • Thanks for that fat buddha, not sure how I missed I when I was looking around.

    Cheers image

  • Hi there - does anybody know where i can get a pair, other than online? I would like to have a look at a pair before I buy them. I only seem to be able to find online stores...


  • The VFF Bikilas are new and were designed specifically for runners. They were due to be released right now, but I understand they have been delayed until at least May due to Quality control.
  • I had the same problem, in the end just decided to buy a pair and have them sent out to try them. As it happened they were the wrong size so they had to go back. All in all a bit of a faff, but not sure what else you can do at the moment.
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  • Whatever you do don't order your Vibrum Five Fingers from a company called Primal Lifestyle based in Surrey. I bought a pair from them on April the 11th at the Fit-Pro Expo in Loughborough. The next day I had to send them back because they were too small. 7 weeks later I have not had the exchange returned.They occasionally answer my emais but they are of the opinion that they are going to send me back the shoes that  I sent in for exchange, simply because there is some fluff on them.I did not use them outdoors only around my house for about 60 mins and I sent them back the day after I purchased them.

    I must say that Primal Lifestyle is the company from hell.

     Don't trust them!

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