Plantar fasciitis night splint

Hello all.

Suffering from the dreaded plantar fasciitis at the moment and am looking to buy a night splint. Looking online, the cheapest option seems to be around the £30 mark, but I've found one from that seems decent and is only around £15.

Anyone used these guys before? Or have any other tips/recommendations of where to get cheapish night splint?

Thanks for reading.   


  • Hi there

    I suffered from this last year and I bought this support and it did work.  Wasn't too uncomfortable image

  • Thanks for the tip Kat!
  • hi essex eagle,

     I was diagnosed last night with plantar and was just about to start a thread on the subject as i havn't seen it on here before.

    Physio gave us a bit of a fright last night telling me it was a syndrome rather than an injury and can take years to heal.

    how long have you been suffering and are you confident you'll get rid of it? What do you think caused the injury in yourself?

    Also i've been reading up a bit on net and it seems to be most common in morbidly obese totally inactive women and as i'm none of these find it a little amusing.


  • Hi

    I had this last year whilst I was training up for the Edinburgh Marathon, My physio suggested putting a tin can in the freezer and rolling my foot over it as it was icing and stretching it at the same time, ( I sat with a tin of peas on my desk for weeks and got a few funny looks as I used to do it whilst sitting at my desk throughout the day image) Also massaging it regularly and stretching as well the splint at night helped.

    I still get a twinge every now and then but just do the above when I need to.  

    Hope that helps image 

  • cheers kat

    how long did you take off running i havn't ran for two weeks now still a little sore and thinking of running tonight.

    Put a tin in the freezer top tip!!!!!!!!

  • Dave - I was diagnosed with it a month ago and am still running as I'm training for a marathon. I don't think I have it that badly as I can bear the pain when I run, it just feels like bruising. I think not getting new trainers soon enough may have caused my problem.

    I've had a couple of sessions of physio on it and keep a frozen bottle of water in the freezer to roll under it. Also roll a golf ball under it, scrunch towels with my toes and stretch it against a wall.  

  • I had PF last summer and TBH I'd wait before getting a night split.  My fizz was brilliant - he warned me that nearly all soft tissue injuries take at least 6 weeks to heal.  Admittedly, it took nearly 12 weeks before I could run again, I had accupuncture which really worked a treat.

  • Hi Dave

    I was the same as Essex, I kept running through it as I could put up the pain.  (probably not recomended and would have got rid of it quicker if I hadn't.) but I completed the marathon I was training for and then rested after it image.

    Which Marathon are you training for Essex?

  • Yeah, I would just rest up if I wasn't in training!

    I'm training for Brighton on April 18, Kat. Have managed to lower my half PB despite the PF, so hoping to also PB in Brighton.

  • Good luck with the training, hope this doesn't affect things too much although it sounds as if it's going well despite your foot!

  • I've just been diagnosed with it too.  Doc said at least 2-4 weeks rest but could poss be out for months.  It came on when out shopping 2 days after a 12 miler in which I felt fantastic - no warning of it at all which makes it hard to get my head around that I could be out for this long.
  •  was diagnosed last night with plantar and was just about to start a thread on the subject as i havn't seen it on here before.

    that is quite funny - there are loads of threads on PF on here
    because it is so common amongst runners

     from a professional point of view (podiatrist) we get very low compliance with the night splints so we don't issue them - it's just not worth spending NHS money on
    they are uncomfortable to sleep in
    better off doing toe and calf stretches during the day and RICE

    and - lay off running and do something else to keep fit for a while - it is a traumatic injury and it won't heal as long as you continue to apply trauma

  • lurker - how long do you recommend resting? I had one day of sore foot 10 days ago, then nothing, and then it was sore again thurs past after a half the weekend before, and today is the first day it doesn't hurt. Have been resting since then, but was supposed to be running a half next weekend so wondering what my chances are? Pain was significant the first day, then fine for ten days, then significant on thursday, but just a niggle fri/sat and no pain at all today. My job involves being on my feet all day, and i have dogs who need walking twice daily, so complete rest is not an option.
  • Hi Everyone

    The one from Algeos has no sole on the bottom so can be slippy on carpet. i have found one from The Medishop for £22 which has a sole and is good quality, they delivered quickly so that made all the difference to me. worth a try. 

  • I've had this myself. The night splint shelped a bit, but really drove me properly mad (an my wife) its not easy to sleep with boots on. Had steroid injections which were agony and only lasted a few weeks. Orthotics - no good. Early morning stretches are good, they helped a lot for me.

    If I had it now I'd have shockwave therapy. It works great, has good scientific evidence and is even supported by the NHS if you can be lucky enough to find someone to do it. Look at There is some good info there.

  • Thanks Runman and co. just ordered one! Sharing your pain image
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