no fibre

just been told to cut out fibre fruit veg whole grain out of diet due to stomach problems find it hard to digest, im so use to eating all this stuff that i dont know what to snack on or beakfast cerals which are good for you

any ideas?


  • Shenz

    For breakfast try organic jumbo porridge oats - the oats are easy to digest. Otherwise, ask your GP for a referral to a dietician for guidance on what you can eat.

  • What's the stomach problem? That sounds like quite a restrictive diet you'd have to follow...
  • thanks, oats im ok with so i do have porridge if i have time, the spiecal for that i saw said to eat white bread pasta rice as these are easier to digest but im not loving it, i like my bread bread and pasta also to cut down and fruit and veg, which is what i mainly like to eat, i can deal wih main meals but snaks are hard (althought for dinner im having swet potatoe with veg) it hard to think of snacks that are healthy
  • Shenz

    For snacks try Mrs Crimble (apple or honey flavoured) rice cakes (Waitrose) or Quaker jumbo snack a Jacks. Also, dark chocolate is very healthy. Good luck!

  • hi shenz do you have gastroparesis? i was diagnosed last week after years of pain.

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