Should my legs be this painful?

I am new to running and have only been running about 8 months. 

Im really struggling now with pain that Im getting in my lower legs? Is it normal? 

I thought that it might get better as my running progressed but unfortunately the pain seems to be getting worse. The pain is in my lower legs and seems like muscle pain is its best described as a burning pain. Gets so painful I struggle to walk! Im only running 10k.

It is both front and back, back of the legs, low down near the ankle and low down the front of my shins.

Is there anything I can do to stop this????

My trainers where purchased from a specialised running shop, I stretch before I run and after...

Any advice



  • Put 'Shin Splints' into the search field at the top   image
  • And search foam rollers too, people swear by them to sort out niggles and ease tension.  I have just ordered one so can't give my experience yet.
  • Yes, shin splints sounds the likely cause....
  • Thank you... looks like rest and ice then... and Im going to invest in the foam rollers to... will try anything. Have got my 1st 10k race end of March and want to be fit and well. Fingers crossed.

    Thank you x

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