Duchy Marathon

Will I be the only one there?

Any tips about the course?


  • Sean- Looks like there'll be two of us! Good luck!
  • Do you want 1st or 2nd?

    I'll settle for 2nd (albeit that is 1st loser! image). However, I'm 40 so I could still be 1st in my age/sex catagory!

    What time you aiming for? Ever done it before? 

  • I've done this one in the past. Assuming that the course is the same, ie starting from the Penventon and heading out towards Portreath then along the coastal road and turning in towards Pool and back towards Redruth before doing a second lap ... it's reasonably flat and sheltered for west Cornwall but there are a couple of sharpish gradients. Only a couple though, it's not a killer course. Also, be prepared for a decent headwind along the coastal road. One year I did it, I could barely stand up let alone propel myself forwards.

    This is a nice event. 

  • I shall be there as well. I'll take the bronze medal then image

    Am running this as part of my training for Two Oceans. Am travelling down on the saturday and will be at the pasta party thing in the evening.

    Hope your training is progressing nicely.

  • Muttley- thanks for the gen!

    Sean- I'm looking at 4:30 - 5:00 so I'll have the bronze. Its my first marathon in 18 yrs and training went well and its taper madness on the go. I am looking forward to it.....I think.

    Marty- good luck for two oceans.

  • Thanks comrade. Just been out and done a nice and easy 16 miles. I tend to do my long runs on the saturday simply because thats when the race is. Plus the weather apparently looks horrible tomorrow.

    Keep training well. 1 week to go.

  • I want to do this again but  my wife is due to do a sponsored sky-dive on sunday.

    Is it  wrong of me to hope that it is postponed so that i can come and join the run?

  • Waccyracer- surely she can skydive any weekend? Take her to Cornwall instead and do the marathon!

    Marty- Chapmans peak will be fun for you, my only experience of it was by car! What time are you planning for Duchy?

  • I am hoping to go for around 3.40-3.45. Thats about 8.30 minute mileing if i can be discplined enough that isimage.  Thats my planned race pace for Two Oceans. What about you?

    And its only 33 days to go now. Getting more and more excited, particuarly as i tick off each run.

    And which race medal is your avatar? Is it the Comrades marathon as per your name?

  • Marty- I'll be an hour behind you. The name/pic I chose was when I first looked at this sight. I assumed that no one would have heard of it, and its one of the biggest things that I've done in my life that I'm very proud of. Now two years after subscribing to this sight, I understand it might look a little conceited...so maybe I should change it, dunno. Bronze was awarded for sub 11 and I made it by 7 minutes! Ouch! I never realisd how close I was till after.
  • marty74marty74 ✭✭✭

    Fair play Comrade. Its an amazing an achievement and one you should rightly be proud of. Definately keep your name and avatar the same. And seven minutes. So you could have saved some energy and ran it 6 minutes 59 seconds slower ehimage

  • I'm looking at around 3.30 or thereabouts. Not overly fussed about time. Ran a comfortable 3.24 at Gloucester at the end of Jan and have a very busy April/May lined up. No desire to go any quicker for this one.

    Thanks for the course info Muttley. Hope that the wind isn't too bad along the coastal section of the route. Would be hard 1st time around and even more difficult the 2nd.

    Comrades is on my list of things to do - at some point but not time soon!

  • marty74marty74 ✭✭✭

    Right, just printed my directions off together with my pace chart for my wrist (aim is 3.42).

    Looking forward to this on sunday. Hopefully weather will be kind to us.

  • I wanted 4:30 - 5:00 and got 4:32 so I am well chuffed!

    The day was well organised and the weather kind! Now I've got a UK marathon medal so I'm happy (and a Cornish pastie).

  • marty74marty74 ✭✭✭

    Have to agree with you comrade, that pastie at the end was rather yummy.

    Enjoyed the event too. Thought the marshalls were great, particularly on the road junctions. As for me, ran it in 3.35. Another solid time banked...

  • A little bit late.......but.......

    A really good event and a snip at £14. Marshalls were great. Really good course and thought the weather wasn't too bad (all things considered) although the head wind at mile 8 and 20 coupled with the hill was pretty soul destroying and energy sapping!

    Hot pastie at the end was just what you needed too post 26.2 miles. Nice engraved medal too. Rooms set aside to change and shower in (with fresh, clean towels, shampoo etc). What more could you ask for!

    3.26 for me, with plenty left in the tank too. Would love to be there next year but with a 300 mile/6 hour car journey each way I doubt that I will be. Shame.

    Well done Comrade and Marty74.

  • Looks like we might make a top ten! My boyfriend and I are running Duchy too, in fact I am using it as my qualifier for Comrade (fingers crossed all goes well!) See you all there! (perhaps I can be first lady image)
  • Am planning the Duchy 20.  Just got a bit scared as looking at the hill profile on the good run guide says the 20 has 900 METRES of climbing.  Now realising this cannot be, and is maybe an early April fools?  (seeing as the marathon appears to have less climbing...)

    According to the link on the race website the hill profiles are - for the marathon 393 m of climbing and for the Duchy 20 a mere 900m. 

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