Running after an adult circumcision

I think ouch says it all here, I was hoping to run the London Marathon with my partner this April but for medical reasons he has to undergo a genital mutilation (sorry his words) on the 13th March (ominous I know).  We have a few questions:

1. Is there any chance of him being in any condition to be able to complete the race by April the 25th?

2. How long will it be after the operation before he will be able to run comfortably  

Bit of a touchy subject but I'm sure someone will have some expertise on the issue. 



  • Erm...
  • Well 'Ow that hurts' is the subheading for this forum, the doctor strangely had no answers on this one... seems he was more interested in explaining other activities that would have to be vetoed for a while.
  • Jeez.

    I have no idea but I'd think a week out would be enough ?

    Its so tricky to say though - you may have to suck it and see...

  • Apparently thats off the cards for at least 2 weeks, ideally 6.

  • I bet his version of ideal is a lot different from the doctors !
  • I suspect the doctor meant to say that you need to be aiming for 6 "sucks" every 2 weeks until your partner is feeling better..........

    < GO does his bit for male solidarity >

    on a more serious note, I took about 2 and a 1/2 weeks off when I had a vasectomy, and after that wore some very tight pants on my first couple of runs.....

  • That sounds like good advice, the last bit does anyway.

    The only thing getting a kiss it better is his forehead.

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    With all this patient choice we're supposed to have these days, could he not ask for a date for surgery AFTER the marathon?

    Having said that, I should think that a week or two should be enough for healing, given that it's quite superficial, no stitches (I presume), and so on.

  • skottyskotty ✭✭✭
    should be ok as long as he is wearing a helmet.
  • Alot of vaseline should be used on the day..
  • skottyskotty ✭✭✭
    she's talking about the running, not the first time they can do it again.
  • There will be many stiches Wilkie, all the way around. We could ask for another date after the marathon but its taken a little over 3 months to get this one and we dont want to spend another 3 moving back up the list.
  • All I can say is that he'd be a complete prick to contemplate racing so soon after the op.

    Oh, hang on a minute ...

  • I had an op last year and explained to the surgeon I had a marathon booked and he DID plan the surgery around it. I'd give it a go and see. You might not have to go to the bottom of the list...image


    this wil protect it
  • Crikey! How to prevent people from walking in front of you at London! LOL!
  • skottyskotty ✭✭✭

    that would sort out the iPod wearers!

  • Could try wearing compression tights ... Skins, naturally.
  • My mate had this done a few years back and he was fine within a week,the only problem was the sensation of his nob rubbing against the material of his pants,i would suggest as some have tight pants to stop it flopping around,got a funny feeling i may have to have it done soon as things seem to be getting a bit tight down there,either im getting biggerimage or the skin is shrinkingimage i know which one it isimage 
  • To avoid any delicacy at all are the skins running shorts comfortable for the well endowed?

    Also is there anywhere that sells them in the UK... £9 delivery for a £35 pair of pants seems a bit of a cheek!

    We did ring the surgery but while we would not be at the bottom of the list it would sadly take some time and risk falling too close to the summer holidays.

    Thanks everyone for the good advice. 

  • John Lewis website and free delivery on orders over £30 and no I do not work for them.

  • "John Lewis website and free delivery on orders over £30"

    for a circumcision?? sounds like a bargain..... image
  • skottyskotty ✭✭✭
    Alice Fisher wrote (see)

    To avoid any delicacy at all are the skins running shorts comfortable for the well endowed?

    how much did he pay you to post that? image

  • You're right FB I'll book me and our kid in, do they do bogof in John Lewis?
  • imageStep into my office - I'll chop em all off for free....

    LB's clinic

  • ...well I was looking at a new pair of trainers image
  • Alice, having had to suffer this in the past, image took me three weeks to get back into doing any real speedwork.  The rubbing was a "wee" bit painful to say the least.  Dont need Skins, just go for some tight fitting briefs and a pair of shorts.  If it is any consolation, I was churning out PB's about 6 months afterwards, don't know if there was a direct correlation and don't suggest you other guys go for the op on that premise (bloody painful aftercare image.

  • Thanks MG, I knew someone would have direct experience, rubbing against a no doubt highly sensitive and stitched glans was the major worry.

  • Hold the scalpel image  there are alternatives...

    You don't say why he needs it doing, but I think it's worth reading this link.  It's his decision, but it's a painful operation and as a consequence of the glans being permanently exposed it will become desensitised over time.  Can't see masturbation being as much fun either!!

    I have no connection with the website, just have friends who have been through the operation (as babies/children and adults) and wish that they hadn't.

  • LOL - a cracking bit of nominative determinism on that norm site

    Vice Chairman - Dr Peter BALL

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