Running after an adult circumcision



  • True phimosis Im afraid and he's one of the 2% for whom steroidal creams did not work, the doctors were very good and did explore every alternative (after pushing) and we were willing to pay and go private in order to get the non-circumcision procedure but the consultant believed that this would not work in our case either.

    Odds of 7 in 10,000 of phimosis  sufferers need surgery and he is one of them, It really is rather depressing especially when we know all the risks and the inevitability of even the best outcome. 

  • image  I'm sorry.  I hope the operation goes okay and that that you both get fantastic times in the Marathon image

    I didn't want to seem like I was interfering, just wanted to make sure you knew the alternative, as many don't...

  • Im really glad you put the website up, finding the information tool a long time and this includes everything.

    You are right that most dont, had we not looked at the information then they would have went ahead and performed a circumcision without trying anything less damaging first.

    If I ever see another topic like this one I'll be putting your site on it, thanks Anonymous one as it really was appreciated I promise.

  • well thank god he never went through with it. he would have been uncomfortable for years, possibly the rest of his life until he lost a bunch of sensation on the head of his penis. most people don't know how mutilating circumcision really is. 

  • issac.he did go ahead with it.had no choice according to his partner.......


     It's just a piece of skin, any skin can be stretched given enough time.

  • everyone heals at slightly different rates.How you handle your recovery will determine how quickly you are able to run again. Rest and warm salt water baths worked well for me. Then wear a condom and tight underwear for the first week back jogging.  13 days before I started light jogging again 

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    I reckon he he healed in the 5+ years that have passed since this thread started. Oh no wait he didn't have the genital mutilation.
  • The important thing is, do you think Lardarse's wang now resembles that woman's mouth?

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    I bet his arris looks like the hat.
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