If once rejected?

Do I still have to apply via the magazine or will a magazine be sent to me??


  • you should get a mag, I normally do and im good at getting rejected
  • I think if you are rejected 5 times you get a "run a marathon without the ballot" card. Keep those rejections.
  • I was rejected four years in a row. I then wrote to FLM to find out how many years I could be turned down for. The man himself 'Dave Bedford' wrote back informing me that I would not be turned down five times consecutively. So I applied for the fifth time in a row and low and behold I got turned down again!! But in fairness to the FLM I sent a copy of Dave Bedfords letter to them and they got back to me telling me I was in, so I ran my first marathon at the 'gentle' age of 42 (4hrs 11min)and loved every minute of it, so keep trying it is well worth it in the end.
  • Is there any way of finding out how many times you have been rejected?
  • Sandra, it needs to be consecutive years otherwise it seems you have to start again. On the application form it asks you how many years in the last five have you been rejected. When I wrote to FLM and they replied to me they had records of my previous four years of rejections, so if you write to them or call them they may be able to help, but don't forget it seems to have to be consecutive years, did this help or have I confused you!
  • Smack - no you haven't confused me but I remember that the year I had a knee injury, I didn't enter - stupid or what? So I have only one year's rejection so far. Never mind - it will have to be a charity place again.
  • Sandra - Still apply through the ballot though as you never know your luck! The thing that used to annoy me most was hearing of friends and friends of friends who had applied for fun and got in first time! and you can also start your consecutive years again.
  • One of the blokes at my running club has run the London Marathon 15 times, gaining entry mainly through the ballot. He ran 3:23 at London this year and then ran 3:12 at Madrid so he is hoping the GFA times stay the same.
  • I've heard quite a few stories of people getting in fairly regularly on the ballot, and others (like dufus here) failing on each attempt.

    Its all a bit unfair.

    My aussie mates in London seem to get in every time on the ballot. I think that applying as a 'foreigner' helps.
  • So does lying about your finishing time apparently - as so many people finish between 4:30 and 5:30 hours you stand a better chance if you say you'll be faster or slower than those times...because they want to even out the surges.

    Guess that's why Paula didn't have a problem in her first marathon...
  • So if you get in can you then defer for just 1 year??
    Only I am going to Florida the 2 weeks before the next FLM and will fly in the early hours of the day of the race... not much of a fit state!!
  • I believe so, yes.

    I wish I was as organised as you (knowing what you'll be doing a year's time)!!!
  • Long awaited holiday with kids to Florida........ and a love of diary's!!
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