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I am not a beginner but am currently running like one!  I used to run a fair bit, longest race was a 10 miler.  Always slow, only just inside 10 minute miles.

I stopped for a few years following a back problem but have been running on and off again for a couple of years now.  The problem is I am just getting slower!  I am 50 and not unfit (probably not fit either!).

My runs are usually in 5 - 10k region and I run 1 - 3 times a week sometimes subbing a run for the gym.

I've looked at some of the training plans on here but the problem is, I don't have a race pace and an easy pace, I just have running (slowly) and walking image

So I would like some tips on how I could get somewhere near where I was before, say 10k inside an hour.  Currently it would take me about 66/67 minutes.



  • I think you would probably benefit most from not doing '1-3' runs a week but actually  making sure that you run regularly and consistently. If you are doing 3 one week and 1 the next you are not giving your body a chance to adapt to the training and get fitter. Try and strictly run 3 times a week and gradually increase your mileage. Make one of those a longer run. Take it easy though and only add distance on slowly, give yourself a chance to get used to it. Dont worry about pace either. Do all your runs at the easiest pace you can whilst still running till you get to the point where you are used to the regular running.
  • Thanks for the response.  I'll certainly try to get more regularity in my runs but (and here come the excuses!) work (or rather travelling) always gets in the way.  Stil it's wet and miserable here and I of out for what should be an 8.5k route.

    BTW, when I say 1-3 runs a week that is outdoors but I do go to the gym as well where I usually run 3-6k.  I know readmill running is not as good but it's better than nothing (I hope!).


  • Hi,

    I'm the same as you, only one pace which is slow pace. However since the New Year I've started doinf an interval session on the treadmill once a week, only 20 minutes or so but it goes like this

    5 mins warm up

    1min sprint

    2 mins recovery

    Repeat according to fitness level

    5 mins cool down.

    What  I've found is that it's helped me maintain a better pace on my outdoor runs and I've even mangaged to speed up a bit in the middle of them.


  • That's a good point. I tried that last year and did notice an improvement, not sure why I stopped image

    Just completed the 8.5 k run, still very slow but at least I did it! 

  • You should try putting a few strides into your runs, this way you can build your speed up gradually.  Also hill sprints of 20-50m are a good way of developing leg speed and power.  Start off with 2 reps adding a rep each week.  It might not sound much but over time it will develop speed and give you that change of pace.
  • Thanks Sophie, I'll give it a try  image
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