Thomas has ruined my run.

Thomas the fookin Tank engine has just left a gaping hole in the bottom of my foot. image I curse childrens toys.

 Bastard toy.I should really HTFU shouldn't I? lol.

 Kinda running related innit? image


  • You know you're going to kneel on a bit of lego later image
  • The amount of times i've stood on my kids Thomas the tank engine toys.

    I was nearly hobbled by a miniature 'macca pacca' toy a few weeks ago as well.

  • SP13SP13 ✭✭✭
    Once put my foot in a Noah's Ark with wheels on the bottom and flew like Eddie the Eagle
  • Macca Pacca is the devil incarnate, pointy little sod. 

  • Try the books instead. All boys love a Thomas the Tank at bedtime.
  • You want to try having a girl!

    Polly f**king POCKET hurts like hell.....image

  • well we're expecting a massive shipment of thomas the tank engine toys. in the next few days. metal diecast toys as well image
  • I'd be wearing steel toe capped boots for the next ten years if I lived in your house Jay....image
  • Daisy the diesel railcar was always my favourite.

    Whole series could have done without that scouse voiceover, mind.

  • LIVERBIRD wrote (see)
    I'd be wearing steel toe capped boots for the next ten years if I lived in your house Jay....image

    I'm working on my levitation skills

  • Muttley wrote (see)

    Whole series could have done without that scouse voiceover, mind.

    What's wrong with a Scouse accent Mutts?image I don't have one (even though there are those who dispute that) but I quite like it really....

    (Apart from the fact that its Ringo's and I agree he's a miserable bugger)

  • Just fishin', LB ... just fishin' image
  • It's actually not Ringo's anymore, just some other guy with a scouse accent.
  • And I'm right on the line now aren't I? image

    Imagine if Alan Carr had done the voiceover? Or Kenneth Williams?image

  • If I met Thomas I'd say,

    "Thomas? You're not all that! You just haven't earned it yet, baby!"

  • Well the kids are watching a new Thomas DVD they for for their birthday.

    And it's narrated by...... Pierce Brosnan... it just sounds wrong.

  • Went down the kids slide years ago and broke my big toe. Five years ago went on their trampoline and damaged soft tissue at the back of my knee, lasted six months.

    Fell while roller skating at Center Parcs two weeks ago and hurt my elbow and coccyx image. Will I ever learn?

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