Too much or too little?

I am training for the Silverstone Half Marathon in 2 weeks time.  I am new ish to running and have trained well [apart from 3 weeks out with a bad back].  10 days ago i ran 10 mile in 7m53s miles and 3 days later [6 days ago] i did another 10 miles in similar time.  However, i uped the mileage today to 12 miles and felt so lefargic it was untrue, i felt like i had no energy whatsoever.  I got round 12 miles in 8m 10s miles and could not have done it any quicker.

 I wanted to do Silverstone in under 1hr 45min, but with only 2 weeks to go and a bad run/time today i am not sure it is possible.  I don't know if todays slow time was from doing too many long runs or becuase I went out early morning or i am just not fit enough....

 Anyone else encoutered this and if so, how best to react to it and what should i do in the next 2 weeks?  More long runs, or mainly just rest?



  • Don't worry- you'll manage better on the day, as the race atmosphere will pull you through, you should rest up a little in the week before, though.

    1.45 is a tough target for a first time at the distance- even if you don't quite manage that, it'll be a PB. Just enjoy it.

  • When I only ran halfs i used to run out of steam at mile 11. I doubt that anything you do in the next two weeks will change things much so relax.

    You'll probably run faster for longer in the race than on a solo run, but 1;45 on the basis of those times will be a challenge. But thats why we do it, innit?

    Good luck anyway.image

  • Hi, thanks for the comments – actually managed a 1hr 51mins [which included 2 stops for the toilet!!!].  It would have been a bit quicker but struggled a bit with the last 3 miles or so and therefore my pace dipped…


    What I really want to try and do now is get my times down and wanted to know how I should go about this – is it a case of something along the lines of a speed work session on a Tuesday, Tempo run on Thursday and long run at the weekend and maybe a bit of cross training in between?  Is this the kind of thing I should do?


    I am doing the Great North Run in 6 months time and probably another half marathon in about 9-10 weeks and would like to get my times down….

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Hello Mark

    Well done on your half a brilliant time even considering your time out. But you have opened a can of worms with that question. There are some that would agree with you

    But i'm not, sorry but as a newish runner i would concentrate on building the miles depending how much time you have to devote to running you will improve a lot by doing this and slow your long run down this does help and makes you recover from them quicker. Keep it consistent as well and that will bring results you will be surprised. Extend your long run till it gets beyond the 13 miles maybe to 15 as this will also help come race day

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