Urgent garmin help

Yet another garmin problem...image

I noticed  the time on the screen was frozen so I pressed the two buttons to reset it. The screen went blank but it never came back on. I still cant get it to come on. It is fully charged but even if I connect it to the charger there usual progress bar doesnt even appear. I have a marathon in a week. HOw do I get it to turn on again. HELP!!


  • How long did you hold the two buttons for?

    Try holding them for 30s +

  • Finn are you sure it's fully charged if you can't see the screen?  I would charge it overnight then do the reset again.  Does TC come up when you connect to the computer if not you could try restarting your pc too. Might be simply not charging rather than locking up.  Have you got a mains charger as well as the PC cable to try?
  • it was 27% after my run this morning and I charged it for about 5 hours. it was back at 100%. it was a few hours later than I noticed the clock was locked.

    My computer is about 6 miles away and I cant get it til monday.

    I just tried holding it for 30 secs. I got a thin line level with the bottom button and a beep but when i released the button it went back to complete blank

    I usually mains charge it

  • Oh no! Phone Garmin monday morning?
  • I keep getting  a variety of lines  in different places and occaional beeps. Think I might try and run the battery down by pressing this as much as possible, or maybe leave it in water overnight and then hoepfuly it might charge tomorow.

  • image

    Getting seriously turned off garmins I have to admit


  • What do you think about taking the battery out and replacing it? has anyone ever done this and might it work??
  • I take it you have a Garmin 50 or 60, so should be no problem. Be careful about the waterproof seal and make sure you don't crimp it when tightening it back up.
  • No its a forerunner 405

    Is there anywhere in the UK I could get it fixed with a fast turn around or does it have to go back to the USA where it was bought?

  • Hi Fizziofinn,

    I would email Garmin when you get to a computer or look up the help section for FAQ. There might be something there that will help restore your Garmin. I have a 405 and it is infuriating. My screen used to go to compass of the clock for no good reason. if you lock the bezel before you start running it does help. Gook luck with getting it sorted and good luck in the marathon.  

  • Thanks sheesh. I guess you had lots of fun with the compass and satellites coming on. Drive you mental.image Got most of that stuff sorted.

    All the FAQ and help stuff says is to hold the buttons etc. IF I hear that once more I will crack up.image

    I have come into work to see if the ant stick will jizz it back to life but I would almost swear I heard it laughing at me.


  • LOL - i had the same problem with my 405 a couple of weeks back.

    I eventually held the two buttons down for a long time, it beeped and it corrected itself and has been fine since.

  • 3 mins is the longest I have held them. will try a bit longer. Was wondring if I let it run down completely would it reset itself? I know diddly about electoonic computer stuff so not sure if this would work.?
  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭
    I wouldn't leave it in water though.
  • ok. I will be patient and send it off.
  • Heard from Garmin Europe in the UK . Was told to disptach it to them and they will send me a new one. SHould have it within 10 days. Awesome service image

    image Garmin company

  • I've got a problem with my Forerunner 405 and wonder if anyone can help. When I pressed 'Training' I used to get the face showing time, distance and pace. Now, for some reason, it's only showing the distance and I can't get back to the original setting. Not having a manual doesn't help! Can anyone help?
  • http://www8.garmin.com/products/manual.jsp?product=010-00658-10

    Think this is where you can download a manual.

    I fyou go back to menu and choose settings and go to data fields, you can choose training 1 and put whatever fields you want to see.

    I find that sometimes when I run that only one thing ...like pace comes up. But if you tap the bezel it scrolls every time you tap it to the next data thing.

    Sorry , that is not very clear. Hope you can get the manual

  • That's great. Thanks.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Glad this is sorted.  Was going to say ours occasionally goes blank after charging - no amount of button pressing will sort it - you just have to leave it a day and seems to start working again.   It's only done it 3-4 times in over 2 years though and it does get used daily by me and my partner so not complaining - on the whole this one and the previous one have done really well.   I strap it to the bars on my bike so it's had many a good soaking and been frozen and it still works.
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