who is entering this year? not the flattest of courses , but fun!


  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    this is on the 18th april at blenheim-last years turn out was pretty good, fairly nice weather and a very scenic course- anyone up for this?
  • PipesPipes ✭✭✭
    Hi sindeelou - not doing this race as it's the same day as the county relays. Enjoy!

    There's also our club 5k race called Charndon 5k in May - there's just been a thread started about it and many of the old AR10k people are there, including RichK. Interested?
  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    hi pipes, yes i saw the charndon run in may on the events list. will do it as its stones throw from where we live-will be nice if its a lovely summers evening!image... good luck on your relays for 18th april, i will be at blenheim. just trying to round  up a few more people for it!

    p.s did you do silverstone last weekend?

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