3 races in 3 weeks

Would it be madness to do a 20 mile race on the 14th, another 20m race on the 20th and then a half marathon on the 28th. It's my first marathon and I'm new to these kind of miles. Did 16 last week, 15 this week and hoping to do 18 next week.


  • Yes it would be madness. Most people leave 2 weeks between 20m training runs - and they aren't as hard on the legs as races. You want to be fresh for the marathon - not knackered.
  • hmmm will just do the one on the 20th and then the half marathon the week after then. I'm currently booked into the Surrey Spitfire 20 and Rhayader round the lakes 20. I couldn't decide which one to do, hence the reason for contemplating both!
  • All running is madness.
  • your not wrong waccyracer!
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