Chris Hoy Edinburgh Half Marathon

Anyone else planning on doing this one ?

From the map it looks like a great run along the water front,getting the bus back could be a pain but worth it.imageimage


  • I've entered this one. Did it last year. The route it quite good, and the run along Portobello promenade is nice, as well as finishing at Musselburgh. The organisation last year wasn't great at the start or the end but they have promised that they have sorted these problems. We parked in Musselburgh the night before so we didn't have to wait on the bus to get home. Hope you enjoy it.
  • I'm doing this one too - see other thread here - looks pretty flat - or at least I'm hoping so - and lovely to run alon gthe coast.  Plus an excuse to spend a few days in Edinburgh!image
  • Hello All,

     I am running this one too - is it Hilly?! Also I will get my friend to get me at the end then and take me back the B&B that I am staying it.

     Yes I liked the idea of staying in Edinburgh too image



  • It's not hilly Nikki. The first 5 mles are mainly down hill then it's pretty flat for the rest so a good pb course. What time are you looking for?

    Edinburgh s a great place to stay and there is some good places to go after to celebrateimage

     I'm running this one 4 weeks after London so should be nicely tuned.

  • Hi Smeagol

    Fantastic - I am so happy and pleased about this ha, ha. I am looking for 2.00 - I am normally do around 2:15

    Its a shame I fly back on the Sunday evening, due to work commitments. But never the less if I like I can always return next year.

    Are you doing the London Marathon?! I did it last year and so gutted I am missing out this year. So I am definately doing it next year.

     Good Luck image

  • Hi Nikki 

    You should do under 2 hours if you are training hard doing intervals, threshold and hilly runs to build up your speed and stamina as well as your weekly distance run. I'm doing the full marathon and hope to go through half way in under 2 hours so 9 minute mileing should do it. I'm looking fo a pb of 3:45 which I did there in 2006 but will be happy if I do under 4. Reading is a good half to get a pb but it was a bit warm this year. I missed out by 4 minutes?

    I am doing London as I got a gauranteed place through my company after I had signed up for Edinburgh. I'm off for 18 miles LSR in about an hour.

    Since the ballot for London went on-line 2 years ago it is much harder to get a place as more people apply. Unless you run for a charity you have about a 1 in 7 chance of getting a place. It used to be 1 in 4.

  • Looks like 2 threads going here so I'll jump to the other..................................................................
  • Hi Smeagol!

     Yes Reading was warm and there was no shade first few miles. I normally take a hat with me too, but didn't.

     Well I am off to do 9 miles run Virginia Waters in a couple of hours.

     But have started to do hill runs and some interval training, so we will see how we go on that - sometimes though my downfall is due to negative thinking. I just need to stay focused.

    I do volunteer work for a local Charity so I will run the Marathon for them I think next year.

    Hope your run went well yesterday.

    Keep in contact.

    Nicola image

  • Hi Nicola, ended up doing 19 miles which is going to be last long run before VLM as tapering beginsimage. Did it in 2:46 but was slowing down in the last 5 miles as the legs were suffering. Gave them the cold bath treatment afterwardsimage which was painful at first but has helped the recovery.

    How did the 9 miles go? Virginia Water sounds a lovely place to run. Do you live there? My runs are along the Thames between Kew and Richmond which is very nice but a bit difficult under foot.

    I too have trouble staying focused as all my weekday runs are after work when I am tierd and can't be bothered. It has been especially hard after the winter we have had.

    My training today is going to be weights and stretching at the gym.

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