Moreton Morrell Muddness 8

Anybody got any info on this. i.e.  How hilly is "hilly", how muddy etc.??

Or can someone point me in the direction of a route map......



  • Hi Pete, just in the process of a couple of route adjustments so the map will be available to view Monday 8th March.

    The area is generally very muddy if its been raining but it does dry out pretty quick as it is fairly hilly mainly closer to the start and finish. The hills are quite tough but also quite short and further away from the race HQ it is gently undulating so trail/ off road shoes are advised and showers are available after to wash off the mud (which we are hoping there will be lots of so fingers crossed for early April showers...!!!)

    The route does cover road, woodland, parkland, fields and a few styles so it should be very enjoyable and a good challenge, we hope you all have fun out there.


  • Sounds just my cup of tea. I'm looking  forward to it already!


  • Grreat....We'll update the forum with map details which will hopefully be on our website Monday too

    Enjoy the beautiful sunshine today.


    Catherine & Martine 

  • Hi,

    The course is finalised but we can't put up our map due to OS copyright laws so I am sourcing a garmin to be able to upload it that way.

    The route basically leaves the college grounds and is virtually off road most of the way, the course goes through fields following public footpaths, crossing styles and there are a few roads to cross (all of which will be well marshalled).

    When we have got the garmin and ran the route with it we will upload it.

    Thank you.

    Catherine & Martine
  • Really fancy this.....Any idea how full the race is atm?

    Regards,  Ben

  • Hi Ben,

    We are hoping there will be around 150 and numbers are at 50 with a big leaflet drop at races this weekend and next weekend the numbers usually go up quickly in the last 2 weeks.

    It is a beautiful route around paths that look hardly used but some lovely parkland to cross.

    Hope to see you there.

     Kind regards

    Catherine & Martine 

  • hi guys - is this a different route to last years 'run in the sun'?
  • Can we enter on the day ?
  • Hi, yes it is a completely new route and we love it and yes we are letting people enter on the day, but online or postal entries are £2 cheaper.

    Hope we get some more rain so it gets even muddier...!

  • This will be my first race since I left school (many many years ago) ............. not counting HellRunner - Hell up North last year. We have only just decided to enter this. What time do we need to be there for registration tomorrow? Sooooooooooooooo excited
  • Hi, been out on the course most of the day so this is a bit of a late reply (and it is very muddy.....)

    Best to get to registration for 10am ish.

    Look forward to seeing you all there.

    Kindest regards

    Catherine & Martine 

  • Good event, well signposted and hot showers at the finish. Very muddy but a good course. Shame a few more didn't enter.

    Thanks Catherine and Martine for a good event!

  • I really enjoyed it, especially the mud.

    However, being an idiot I left my kit in a bag in the changing room, is there anyway to get it back ?

  • great event for my first race. Love the mud!! Really well organised and the signposting was ACE!! If anyone got lost ............. well I dont know how lol.
    Spectator of the event has to go to my running partners wife and Ed the dog. She drove to points on the course to get photos of us and even hightailed it through a wood at one point to catch us for more photos on the other side .............. she was hoping to catch us walking but ........... we never walked one step (except when queuing to get over the stiles near the start. Brilliant loved it, good fun <3 x
  • Hi Miserable bleeder (sorry to call you that I am not sure of your name, if you can please email me and leave your contact number I will let you know if there has been a bag left but I actually went into all the toilets and showers myself and it didn't jump out at me unless it is well out of the way, we'll check if you can send the email with bag description etc...

    Really pleased you enjoyed it.

    We'll be in touch about the bag as soon as the wardens have let us know.


  • hi yeah great race, lovely countryside esp around ashorne hall, helpful marshals and good for the joints in all that lovely soft muuuuuudddd...thanks for organising
  • Mudness certainly somes up this event! I haven't had this much fun in ages. Well done on organising such a great event, as someone has already posted...shame there weren't a few more entrants (although the queues at the stiles would have been interesting!)image

  • anyone know where I can view the results? Just want to see how far to the back I was lol image
  • Hi, thank you for all the great comments.

    Results can be found at and look at all results.

    Hop you all enjoyed a well deserved rest today (or easy run....!) 

  • Really enjoyed the race - well done to the organisers for excellent signposting and marshalling. Great opportunity to explore a beautiful part of the Warwickshire countryside.
  • anyone on fb - you may be in one of these. My running partners wife took a few photos on the day (trying to catch us out walking lol) I didnt see any other spectators on the course so these may be the only ones.

    Brilliant day image x
  • If you're interested, I've set up the route map (as I remember it) on MapMyRun.

    I can't vouch for 100% accuracy since my brain was frazzled with oxygen depletion at the time, but I have checked it against the photo of the course map on FB (thanks hightops!).  If you think the route is wrong, let me know.

  • After some teething troubles with the new web galleries the race photos are now available at

    Exciting news in that you can now search by race number for your photos once inside the Raceway gallery and three 000 will bring up images with no or obscured race numbers.

    I had to have my assistant photographer recovered from the muddy field where he stood for an hour or two - and consquently sank so the mud came over his wellies, he lost one as he tried to extract himself, & tore his trousers in his efforts to get out image  

    Happy viewing & thanks for your patience!

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