Paula's cool shades

Does anyone know which shades Paula wears ? Are they specifically for running ? Or can you wear any type. I find very bright light hard on my eyes. Any ideas ?


  • They are Nike, and where in runners world a little while ago. Can't remember which model exactly
  • Thanks Johnny I'll have a go at tracking them down. J
  • I have a pair of them and wore them for the marathon but can't remeber what they are called. I will have a look when I get back to the car where they are kept.
  • I think they are called the Airelon,or a similar spelling?
  • I think Paula used to run in Airelons, but now wears a new model which is quite similar looking. It was featured in RW a couple of months ago.

    I've got a pair of Airelons, and like them a lot. Very light, good vision through them, and best of all they don't slip at all.
  • As I remember, they are called the 'Odeon'.
  • They are Odeon - bought them. Not identical to Paula's as hers had a silver bridge, mine have a grey bridge.

    They are very comfy to wear and very secure despite not having an Oakley style rubber grippy bit on the ear pieces. They occasionally steam up though despite what the runner's world review claimed.

    So I've got the shades, but I draw a line at running in briefs!
  • I got a pair of Airlons for £40 and they are very good - they really stick to your head.

    If anyone want to know my supplier, I can put them in touch. Pls. email
  • The main difference is the material. Odeons are metal, Ailerons are plastic.
  • I dont think Ailerons are plastic - they dont feel plasticy at all! The mid bit is runner, and the rest is metal (except for the lens, obviously). Or it could be plastic very cleverly disguised.

    There are some sunglasses that are Plastic from Nike, and are cheap, but they are not Ailerons I'm pretty sure. I'll check though.
  • Just to let you all know I bought a pair of Airelons and they are fantastic; soo light and really cool. I just love them. Now back out for some more running.
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    Wher will I find a supplier and are they suitable for women??

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  • If they're good enough for Paula they'll do for us ! You'll find them in opticians, some department stores and also on the internet but it's better to try them on to see exactly what lense suits you. The lens tints are designed for different sports and conditions.I went for 'silver flash' for accurate colour perception in sunny conditions with moderate reflecion (I think !)
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