Taping to prevent or support injury

At the moment due to Posterior shin splints in both legs i havent run in 3 months. Whilst i have been injured i have paid for new orthotics (£200) but not been able to try them out properly also in the last week to speed my recovery ive been paying for Physio (sports massage) .

My question is does anyone use sports tape to either support an injury or prevent one....in my research into my problem ive come across the use of it and really will try anything to stay injury free.

Obviously ill ask my physio also but till my next appointment i thought id ask on here. Does it work?


  • Hey Wantefc,

    Sorry to hear about the ongoing issues - that's a long time out.

    As to taping - it can be used both to support and prevent.

    If you watch rugby and football you will see ankles and knees taped up - often this is to lend additional support to an injured tissue or especially in the case of ankles it is used to prevent ankle sprains ( going over the ankle).

    Looking at posterior shins splints (medial tibial stress syndrome) you can use tape to support the muscles so that when you start to load the inner lower leg muscles the tape takes some of the strain.

    My concern with taping is that it is often used as a short cut back to the activity which originally injured them. Has the athlete done the corrective work to fix the original fault or are they just getting around that? I know it is frustrating wanting to keep fit and stay out training but it is far more important and better for you in the long run to get the problem solved. Look at alternative means of keeping fit which don't stress the shins such as cycling,swimming.

    Glad you have the orthotics. Good you're getting treatment.

    Check your mechanics to see if this is contributing to your injury.

    Good luck - hope this helps

    Keep Going!


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