The Shakespeare Raceway 10K

There is talk of the Shakespeare Raceway 10k being boring and windy etc

tedious, NO scenery etc

well, it IS  as said an old airfield

I think people should harden up and thank themselves lucky that they can run 10k in what ever conditions

be thankful you can run and feel fit and enjoy it, it is a superb phsycological stamina builder, for mental strength

see you all there, we'll most probably have a nice warm up first , we also have a 20 miler the following day


  • Hehe..

    Nicely put Phil

    Must say i'm looking forward to my first flat 10k after Saturday's very hilly & extremellly muddy Endurance Trail 10k.

    Can't wait!


  • Hi everone well i ran this today my second ever run and i can say it's ok i enjoyed it glad the rain held off . will do it again.image



  • Well done K!

    Nice cool weather huh?

    You in again Nov?

  • Was there too, pacing my wife through her first-I assume Mick and phil were the guys giving all the encouragement-refusing to give my wife a lift. Cheers you guys
  • Big thank you for the great enthusiam out there on what is well put as 'boring' as yes it's an airfield so thank you for seeing it as you say Phil a psycological stamina builder....nicely put!!!

    I found a poem today by an American Airman based at Long Marston Airfield 1943 and I wonder what he would think of our race....:-

    “What will become of this little section of England that has been our life for the past two years? Will the runways and hard-standings lay abandoned and untouched in mute tribute to the men who worked, lived and sweated out the planes during the years of war and restriction? What will become of the dogs once fed so well around the mess halls - the legion of station mascots? Will they walk through deserted kitchens wondering where the chow lines and their GI pals have gone? What impression have we Americans made in our frequent contacts with the English people who have been our neighbours and companions during these long monotonous war-weary years? Probably these questions which probe into the future will not be answered for many years”.

    Really fantastic seeing you all run.

    Hope you are all relaxing and enjoying a beautiful sunny Sunday after your hard efforts yesterday.

    Kindest regards

    Catherine & Martine 

  • hi Catherine + Martine,

                                               Enjoyable run, noticed a few changes yesterday from November (including the bananas) my only critism is the fact there are no signs leading up to the site. We both thought the medal was very nice and glad it was different. See you again this year.

  • I really enjoyed doing my second race there and chuffed to knock three minutes of my last time!image

    John, I think I was running by you at some point as I remember a nice young man being very encouraging to the lady running with him. If that was you - I wish I could find a husband like you!! lol!!image

    Looking forward to November and knocking another three minutes off at least!

    Next stop - Silverstone half marathon this Sunday image

  • My first ever race. Glad I did it. Friendly atmosphere. It's certainly inspired me to do more and better my time. Roll on my next 10k. image
  • Hi Becky,

                     My wife was running in a pink top and I was in black and orange. It was a two fold run-mine was a training run for my first half marathon in Stafford on the 21st and Mandy's first 10k-hope it went well for you.



  • Hi John.

    Yes, I was definitely by you around 6.5k mark!

    I was really pleased with a PB and doing Silverstone HM this coming Sunday and then Shakespeare Half end of April.

    Good luck to you in your first half marathon. Let us know how you get on.


  • Hi Becky,

                   Thanks for the kind words and I hope your Half goes well too and likewise keep us posted.

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