coasting arounf thread....spam

why are there about 30 odd threads, named coasting around places?

absolutely dominating the events forums...grrrrimage


  • Gosh yes, there's TWO of them on page 1 of events. It must be really difficult for you to navigate past them.
  • Bloddy hell, have you seen the Tri thread it's full of........threads about triathlons.GRRRRR
  • And the gear thread is full of people asking about shoes ! <Shakes fist>
  • Maybe because each one is for a separate section of the coast?

    Chill pill perhaps? image

  • How much coast can a small country have.............I bet Switzerland RW doesn't have this problemimage
  • Yes, and I noticed that some are "coasting round" and some "coasting around", the latter of course being correct.
  • Stevie.. SPAM??? Tut tut! This is the biggest ever self organized running extravaganza.. you should be ashamed!!image (Hope you've signed up by now! Barry is going great guns!!!image)
  • shame on you Stevieimage. It is necessary . It is part of the uniqueness of the event. Nothing like this has ever been done before. Where has a national event of this scale been organised on the internet? Join in the fun and the entertainment of seeing each stretch get knocked off one by oneimage 
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