Offas Orror 20K

hi there,

i live in london, and would love to take part in the 2010 event, however a little uneconomical to hire car for 1 person for weekend..  Is there anyone else going from london which I could ride share with, or share hire car??

Thanks paul, /forum/smilies/tongue_out_smiley.gif[/img]] 


  • Hi Paul,

    I live in London too and have just booked my travel (train) - such a shame you were a wee bit late with your request!

    Let me know if you go ahead with the event

  • Does anybody have the route on the garmin?
  • Anyone got a spare 2 places? Looks like I was a little late this year.
  • Hi,

       Never run it before - sounds fun !

    Does anybody know if the route starts by going north or south along the Wye valley.

    Looking at an Ordnance Survey map of the area - there are two trails on either side of the valley:

    the Wye valley walk & Offas Dyke.

    Couple of weeks ago I did the Chedworth Roman trail - which was a 10 mile multiterrain & it had a few muddy  ( & rocky ) climbs through woods.

    Anyone else do it & doing the Offas Orror ?  How does it compare ?

  • Route crosses the river W-E @ Tintern then goes south along the old railway (parallel to Wye, very gradual incline) for a couple of miles, before climbing steadily for a mile/650ft-ish ascent up forestry tracks to the Offas Dyke path.

    I've not done Chedworth so can't compare. Offas only has 2 main ascents, the first is a sustained ascent of 650ft ish (as above) the second has slightly less ascent but feels much longer.

  • I'm in!image Can we purchase T-Shirts on the day? I've ran this before around 4 years ago. Loved it but fell over near the last part down a hill! I'm sure that if cattle could laugh out loud that they would of!!
  • It's tougher than Chedworth. Offas has two ascents similar to the one long one at Chedworth. So about twice as much climbing to do and some pretty hairy descents too. It's great fun though.

  • Anyone had a number yet? I entered online and I am still awaiting. Are they issued on the day?
  • Issued on the day, WWN.
  • Thanks for the info. See you there!image
  • Is there a page for results?image
  • The results are on the Chepstow Harriers web site in pdf format

  • series of photos are up now too.


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