Problem with Garmin Edge 705 not showing Cadence

My garmin edge 705 is not showing cadence on the device or in the downloaded data. I have changed the battery on the device on the bike. On teh edge I have turned off and on the cadence sensor and even tried the rescan.

Has anybody else had this problem and how did you solve it?


  • I had this problem last year before they nicked my bike.  The fault (on mine) was that the sensor and pickup were too far apart, check the gap as it's quite easy to move slightly and get out of range.

  • Can't help, but the sensor is a pain in the arse.

    Fitted one to my bike recently, and can't get both the crank sensor and the wheel sensor to register, its either or due to the way the sensor is positioned on my bike, and the moving "arm" isn't long enough.

    I assume it doesn't matter so much about wheel sensor, as I get the speed/dist data from the GPS.

  • I did not check the alignment of the sensor on the crank shaft and the sensor on the frame.
  • if it's anything like other cadence sensors (I have a Polar and Cateye one) then you do need to get the sensor and pickup very close together - like 2/3mm max between. if your crank doesn't allow the sensor to sit close to the pickup, use some sticky back pads to build it up and attach the sensor on top so you get it as close as possible
  • The speed/cadence sensor has a couple of little lights that tell you if it's picking up the magnets so find the instructions and do a reset, checking that the lights are flashing.
  • Thanks as after correctly lining up the sensors it back working.

    I had to wait until it was a bit warmer and sunny to use my bike.

  • Thats good to hear TB, glad you got it sorted.
  • Its just my trek cycle computer that now has issues, it looks like the wire near the device is damaged. I may remove that now as I have two GPS sports devices.
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