Can anyone recommend a good running watch

Hello all I have a Polar F6 at the moment and I'm thinking of upgrading now I'm running outside than on a treadmill.

I'm looking for a GPS, heart rate monitor, miles, calories and something that atleast holds a weeks records on it. Not sure what to get was thinking of a garmin but there are so many to choose from.

At the moment I plan my routes on mapometer would be nice to get route on watch (or am I dreaming here), aiming for 10miles plus.

Can anyone help out


  • Garmin 305, 310 & 405 all have HRM

    All do similiar things, good reports about all of them.

    Ya pays ya money.......
  • 305 if funds are tight, and you don't mind the physical size.

    405 if size is an issue, and you don't mind the touch bezel.

    310 if you are flush and would like better multi-sports options and waterproofing.

    All 3 are very good items (IMO)

  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭
    *picks up her £6 argos stopwatch and backs out slowly from this thread* image
  • If the £6 argos watch had GPS and HRM we'd all have one!!!
  • Garmin 310.  No nonsense watch.  Enough said image
  • Been looking at the Garmin 310 do I have to buy any additions for this? Or is everything built into the watch (I know about the heart strap)

  • im aftera running watch too i just want a bsic one i think this will do me in black and orange

  • I got mine from Sweatshop when they had 10% off.  I got mine without HR monitor for £242.  Amazon do it without HR for £230 and another £30/40 with HR monitor.

    You can get extras, but I think the above two options will be enough.  You can now get the 205/305 which is the previous model for around £125, but I decided to treat myself and I'm not disappointed image

  • I swear by my Polar F6 !!!!
  • they are discontinuing them soon the polar f7 looks good
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