Can anyone give me some advice? My 12-year-old needs new trainers for school, and as some apparently alien sporting genes seem to have kicked in somewhere (I'm a late onset, 12-min mile plodder) I'm worrying about getting her the right things.

She's a netballer for school and area and plays daily. She's discovered a latent talent for 800m, and has just been picked for district high-jump training. She overpronates to the point of flat-footedness. I can't afford three pairs of trainers!!! :o(

Can anyone recommend a good cross-trainer? It will need to be adult size, as they seem to be making 12-year-olds that outgrow their parents very quickly.

Any comments gratefully received...


  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    just to say, dont give her supportive trainers until she has finished growing, otherwise it may change the way her body develops as her feet will start to rely on the trainers to support her.

    new balance do a good range of cross trainers, try the 663 or the 1005 cross trainers.

    Nike do some good Xtrainers as well but you have to be careful that you get a good pair and not a fashion pair.

    I'd say you'd be best to go to a shop or two that can give you good advice on the models they stock.

    Saucony and Reebok also do some good cross trainers, look for the saucony grid motion, grid r w and grid silhouette, and the reebok defy range.
    Don't know about current adidas x trainers, but they have done good models in the past.
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    by the way, when I say to avoid "supportive" trainers, I wasn't very clear, was I?!

    - I meant don't give her shoes with support against overpronation/flat footed ness, such as a grey area on the inside of the foot.
  • Thank you! She already has orthoses for Sever's Disease - presumably these would negate the need for corrective shoes? We're off to Sweatshop Reading tomorrow!
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    hi juliejoo,

    yep, anything prescribed for her by a professional should give as much correction as she needs, and take into account that she is still growing.

    Hope you had a good shopping trip yesterday, and found something good for her?
  • We did indeed! :o) As a Saucony fan myself, I was delighted to find a shop that stocked the Saucony Tempest - cross trainers that are apparently used extensively for netball! And as the stopping and turning and jumping more or less mirrors high-jump and javelin, they'll do for that as well (at least until I can justify buying her field spikes!)
  • just to add that the shop was a school supplier in Thornton Heath! Saucony HQ recommended them.
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