Mizuno Wave Inspires wearing out too quick


 I have been running for a 18 months years and have been very pleased with  my MIzuno Wave inspire shoes.  I had one pair or 4's and am on my second pair of 5's and they are really comfortable and  I've never had a blister or other problem with them. 

My only gripe is that they do not seem to last very long, has anyone else found this problem?  I was not expecting to get to the upper end of the 300 to 500 mile lifespan but I have struggled to get to 300 miles.  My first set of Inspire 5's have only managed 270 miles and although I have tried to persevere they feel quite flat now, after running in them last weekend my feet felt quite achy.  

 Are other makes a bit more durable?  I know Brooks GTS have a high mileage reputation but I pronated even worse in the pair of 9's I tried.  

 Thanks LRR


  • Okay,  quick update.  Went to my local indie running shop today and was told I have destroyed my most recent pair or Inspire 5's in just 200 miles. Much as I love them this makes the Mizuno's too expensive for me so I decided I needed to switch brand.

     I tried a few different shoes on, had a gait analysis and a few good runs up and down outside the shop.  It was very close between either the Asics GT2150 or Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10.  Both were really  comfortable but the Brooks suited my long narrow feet better and somehow just felt right.  Very happy as I know these have a high mileage reputation and I like the fact that the midsole will biodegrade much faster than the ones in other shoes. 

    Only problem is that, having killed the cushioning in the Mizuno's, I am not sure how to break the Adrenaline's in and get them and my feet used to each other.  Anyone got any bright ideas?  I can only think of cutting my mileage back for a few weeks (not ideal as I am running Half Marathons on 15th & 29th August) or continuing to do longer runs for a few weeks in shoes that I've been told are shot.

    BTW if you are in the Norwich area I would highly recommend Sport Link, really friendly, great service and a good price too


  • i have a pair of mizuno wave ultima and they havent lasted long mainly the heel,it wore out really quick within about 80 miles,although the cushoning is still ok,i use them for trails now as the heel doesnt wear out as quick,doubt i will buy another pair.
  • Chris.52Chris.52 ✭✭✭
    I'm aiming for a good 1000 miles from my Wave Inspires. You must be treating yours something awful, and your heels/ankles/knees as well.
  • Chris.52Chris.52 ✭✭✭
    I'm on my third or maybe fourth pair.
  • Chris,

     Not sure I understand how I could I be treating them awfully, I just run in them and not on consecutive days either.  The soles have worn evenly, I do not have an especially heavy footfall and have had no heel, ankle or knee problems over the last two years since I started running.  Perhaps my running style just doesn't suite their construction but I log every mile I run and at 200 miles the cushioning is shot. I am also on my 3rd pair but at the moment I doubt there will be a 4th.  Horses for courses I guess!

  • Chris.52Chris.52 ✭✭✭
    Do your feet land silently? Maybe you are just unlucky with them and I'm lucky.
  • I'm on well over 400 miles and they're fine. I've even had them checked in a store who said I didn't need a new pair!

    I think you're just unlucky!image

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