Bewl 15

Like the look of this but can't find a course map anywhere - anyone know what the hills are like compared to Spring Hill in the Tunbridge Wells HM - I'm hoping they are easier or at least no worse image


  • description of route

    I did it last year and it is mostly pretty flat, there were some ups, but I don't recall any steep hills - it's a lovely place, but hopefully won't be quite as hot as last year - I wilted!

  • Thanks B - thats encouraging
  • PlodderK has IT issues so can't post his own messages. He says there have been periodic problems with RW online entry which sometimes says in error that entries are closed. They are in fact open. There are 458 Entries so far, a record number and 9% up on 2009, but there are hundreds of entries still available. Last year’s full 15 mile route has been retained but a slight change to the course is hoped for to avoid queues at a stile. The route has been checked and has a  mostly hard surface despite rain, so road shoes are best at the moment. Over 1,100 cakes are planned for the end of the race and a number of tweaks have been made to the organisation to make this the best ever Bewl 15.

  • Always a good well run event.

    Just to repeat last year's plea:-

    Would the more talented runners amongst the entry i.e. faster than 2 hours, not scoff down ALL the cakes so that us slower runners find nothing but your crumbs when we eventually come through to the finish line.

     Perhaps those nice ladies manning the stall could save some for those later finishers please?


  • Not ran this race before but thinking about entering it. Just would like to know if it is a Trail race or is there quite a bit of road involved. Be grateful for any info on this,


  • "Snoop Dog" - Running Machines 'er in doors will ensure the back markers will have cakes. Guaranteed.

    "how far" - Bewl 15 is 12 miles of trail/pathways and 3 miles of quiet country lanes

    "GribbO" - For the course map see the Fetcheveryone map and follow this link:

    Red hot news - I am pleased to say the stile is replaced by a gate. We have worked for over a year to get permission to use it so this will speed up the through-put.

    Water is at miles 3,6,8,11,13 and finish plus emergency suppi]lies at mile 14 for the backmarkers. lucozade Sport at miles 6,11, 13 and finish. Sponges at miles 6,10 and 13.

    Free minibus will meet every train at Wadhurst Rail Station from London and Hastings up to and including 10.05.

  • Really looking forward to this; have never done it before. 

     Thanks to Plodder K for the answers.  In case it's of any interest, judging by the OS 1:25 000 maps it looks like all the three hills mentioned on the course map at 10 miles, 12 miles and right at the end are about 45-50 metre climbs, so not as high as say Spring Hill.  However they do look very steep, especially the one at about 12 miles.

  • Looking forward to this one having never done it before. 

    I'll try and hold back eating all the cakes too! image

  • Here is the latest:

    1. Weather for Sunday is dry and warm to hot with a max. 23deg C and 12% cloud . 13.00 hrs to 15.59 24deg C and 23% cloud. Check out weather link: 8jh&day=4.

    2. Lisa's cake mountain growing

    3. Do not forget to collect timing chip at Uplands Sports Centre well before the start.

    4. The start is off Blacksmith's Lane, below Uplands Sports Centre and NOT Bewl Water, Lamberhurst

    5. Paramo Directional Clothing have agreed to increase the prizes to include a Paramo running jacket also for the 1st junior lad and gal.

    6. 600+ runners registered so plenty available on the day registration. The Runners World online link is still open so check out link: to register

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    OK - will leave off the cakes so other can have a scoff as well. The Ginger cake was especially yummy as I love ginger cake. image

    It looks like a light rain for sunday though still rather humid.

    I don't think I want to be timed for this run LOL

    Great to see that the route avoids the style, massive queues and queue jumping. image

    I don't think the route is hilly but it is challenging in places. I dislike the flat bit at the end of the water. Just my personal point of view.

    Will there be a shower again this year?

  • Showers available at the Uplands Sports Centre
  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭
    Nah - the one that was on the course, someone had a hose out! image
  • Hose shower at mile 11 now arranged. don't blame me if you get wet
  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭
    Getting wets the whole point. image
  • imageimagejust got home after doing the 2010 bewl 15 great fun image loved it

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    Fun? that was fun? Gosh what do you do for torture?

    Partook of the hosepipe shower and cakes. Medal very nice. image

  • Results ahve now been emailed to those who gave us a legible email address.

     They can also be found at

  • Wow, that was a tough one!  Never ran this even before, but really enjoyed it, bar the hills!!  A great race and very well organised.  Nice goody bag and medal to finish.

    Oh, and the cakes were handsome too!

    Well done to all those that organised, a job well done, I'll definitely sign up next year.image

  • As well organised as ever, if not even more so!

     Can it get any better than that? Extremely well done Wadhurst Runners Race Crew!

  • Thanks very much to Wadhurst Runners for an excellently organised race.  Great value as it seemed to go on for ever!

     Wonderful summer scene on arrival at the finish line. Mountains of cakes and and a brass band - fantastic!

  • Guys - what a wonderful race. We are so proud of the apparent success. can it get any better? You bet I will be trying.

    Already following up suggestions and have booked hot and cold refreshments for 2011 and other minor tweaks e.g. more sponges at water station no. 2 (the small dam).

    Thanks for your support and fantastic reviews -, so far-  keep those Runners World votes flowing. See you next year on Sunday 3rd July 2011.

  • If you didn't get your car flyered, missed the 6m flag, and didn't see Hannes lying in the gutter taking your picture around 9 miles or us out on the course and around at the finish - then you'll not have seen the photos which are here:

     enjoy !image another great Wadhurst event

  • Wow, seen it all now - the latest rating for 2010 has the comment 'Not good for racing as hard to overtake. Mile markers could be more prominent'

    15-miles and the 'runner' found it hard to overtake! Absolutely staggering - perhaps the 1/2mile dam with a 15 foot path was not enough room, or the 3-miles of roads, or the path that is normally OK for a horse, two-bikes and a pushchair to get through at the same time was not wide enough! Seriously, just what do you expect when you sign up to run a rural event that borders a reservoir! Just how much overtaking do you do on a 15-mile race with 800 other runners?


  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    I did rather a lot of overtaking thank you.

    Not that I was too bothered about mile markers, my legs told me how far I'd gone but I think I saw the big signs.

    Nah, the organisation for this race is brilliant.

  • sorry link for last years gallery - the html embedded was different to that shown. It should be exactly as shown, not as per the link (which somehow had "cranleigh" added on the end)

    i.e. here's the corrected.

    anyway, they are all archived now, so it will only be useful for a link through to the race website. Otherwise you're best to wait for the 2011 gallery link.

    Good luck to everyone this year on the 3rd July image

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