The truth about weight loss

I wonder if anyone has had the same experience.

I’ve done excessive bouts of training (mostly swimming) for years but have also done excessive bouts of nothing. I noticed that immediately after stopping training my weight would remain constant for 3-4 months regardless of how much I ate. Afterwards this period I would put on weight even if I looked at food.

I took up running about 5 months ago. My weight remained constant for three months (very depressing) but I lost inches off my waist, hips and thighs (yes, I measured them weekly). Now my weight is dropping – I’ve already lost about 6lbs (3kg).

Maybe your metabolism needs this period of time to change to the “new” conditions?


  • Another explanation is that as you started training again so you put on weight, that of muscle tissue. Muscles weigh much more than fat and so I am not surprised you gone through what you described. As you lost weight from fat, so you put it back on with muscles. Well done on starting again and keep up the good work.

    All the best,
  • Oh Scuma! Thank you!! I wish we had a little 'jumping around' emoticon to express my joy at the boost you have just given me. 'scuse me, I have to go plod...
  • I sort of experienced this 'inch loss' as opposed to weight loss thing. I dropped down dress sizes very quickly when I took up running and I hadn't even run for two miles yet. I lost 6lbs at first, then nothing for a bit, then started to lose weight steadily. But I'm watching my food intake closely. In total, it took me 4 months to lose a stone, but I swear it reflects better in my clothes than on the scales.

  • It is reassuring to read the above comments. I have been running 20-30 miles per week for the last month, and yet have remained at the same weight, although it did drop then rise again (I know, I shouldn't weigh myself every day !) ... but I feel much, much fitter, as in addition to the running I play football and badminton quite frequently.

    Weight loss ... no ..... enhanced feelings of well-being .... yes !
  • Oggy, exactly same thing happened to me, I acually became heavier for a short while when I started to run so Trail Runner's comments are probably right so don't lose hope and keep at it.
    By the way, I didn't change my diet at all except for my intake of chocolate and flavoured yoghouts.

    TGCS - how much weight is a stone? Or does it depend on how big the stone is? ;-)
  • I have experienced the same thing-I have not lost any weight for ages although I run about 25 miles a week and watch my food. However, I love how much more toned I look and feel I should throw out my scales. Maybe a body fat monitor would be better? Any advice?
  • Scuma, LOL!!! I gather there are 13 pounds in one stone and I would like to think that is a huge boulder.
  • Same experience! Back running after longish absence due to injury. I've been training again for about a month and doing more swimming than running really to ease ankle back in. Put on a lb or two but much more toned and feel a lot fitter. Thought there were 14 lbs in a stone?
  • Good, 14 lbs. Much better. Can imagine a much bigger boulder now....

  • I'm a great believer in the muscle weighs more than fat argument ... mind you, I tend to ignore this when I become unfit and boast that I've eaten and drunk loads and look, my weight has not changed !

    I have actually increased my exercise and altered my diet over the last month. I occasionally have a pie or a cake, and believe me, they taste even more heavenly when rare !
  • Scuma, Kerstin

    I never used to bother too much about weight because of the muscle/fat argument, consequently my weight would yo-yo between 13.7 and 14 stone (I am 6ft tall). 14st is a bit on the heavy side and this usually happened when I took a month off over christmas.

    Anyway this year Santa brought me weighing scales with a built-in body fat function. (about 60 quid from Argos). It sends a minor electric pulse through the body and gives a percentage reading as bodyfat. Well, when I first got on on boxing day I was 14st 2lbs and 25.7% fat. Trained the usual way for London but changed my diet to a REALLY high carbo, LOW fat and HIGH fibre one. I was really, really strict with it down to no butter/marg, UHT Skimmed milk, no cheese, no sugar, little salt, lots of jacket spuds, no mayo, lots of cereals and veg and tons and tons of fruit.

    Last week-end (only get on the scales every sun morning) I was 12st 10lbs and 19.3% fat. Not bad eh?! Hoping to get down to around 12st 7lbs and 18.5 for the Blackpool Marathon.

    Oh, and my times are getting faster everytime I step out of the door! Ain't life great!! Only thing is half my clothes are too big now.

  • Hey Slaphead - sounds like a pretty cool gadget! Hmmm. think I might get slightly obsessive if I had one though. At the moment if I weigh myself and I'm a pound up I'm not worried, but am justifying this with the fat/muscle thing. Maybe I'm better off living in ignorance - don't think I woul dhave the discipline for your diet!
  • slaphead, welldone! fantastic result but sounds like a tough diet! and still, you sound very happy... well, I'll have to wait for Santa now (you were not supposed to know that they were 60quid, slaphead!).
  • I dont't really think ive lost weight since starting running but I have definitely become more toned, ie my belly doesnt wobble as much!. The 3 things that are bothering me are that I have got much more cellulite at the top of my legs, well Ive noticed it more anyway- they are not particlarly fat but on top of the muscle is more cellulite yuk!Also my arms have got bigger, I do toning work but don't lift heavy weights- so should I just not bother lifting any weights because I want my arms to get thinner not bigger!The last thing is those sidey things above the hips- I hate them, I know I need to lose weight to get rid of them but it comes off other places and I look stupid. I hate them ,does anyone have nay ideas?
  • I feel so much better after reading this thread! I took up running again last year after 5 year break. Lost a grand total of 3kilos! Got pretty depressed when on the scales this morning considering the exercise effort I am putting in! No diet tho.Naughty naughty! Clothes feeling much better tho.
    Just gone to 5 runs per week and upped mileage again, so maybe something will happen?
    At least we a re all a lot healthier
  • Yes, i console myself with the fact that although i have let a bit weight creep on due to eating more sweets/cakes etc than i should, i am still as fit as i ever was and running just as far and as fast (if not faster)as ever. I reckon i'm healthier being able to run 3 to 5 miles 3 times a week, doing yoga, hill-walking, swimming occasionally and being a stone overweight, rather than a skinny person who hardly eats anything and couldn't run to the end of the street if their life depended on it or touch their toes. I am much better at the exercise bit than the don't eat too many cakes or too much chocolate bit, my diet is always starting tomorrow !!
  • My thougts exactly mrs o. I gave up smoking 4 yrs ago and I was on anti depressants so my weight rocketed and I didn't loose an ounce whilst training for FLM 2 yrs ago. I've managed to loose half a stone but would like to loose more but I'd rather be overweight and fit than the skinny, smelly 40 a dayer I was. Got more money now too!
  • My new years resolution was to loose weight, so instead of a diet, I simply changed the way I ate. I lost two stone doing this and it took about seven months. I wasn't that strict and had treats and booze at the weekends.

    I started running three months ago, and since then I've stayed around the twelve and a half stone mark. No weight loss at all, but boy, I'm toning up. I've lost inches from my waist line... and I can fit into clothes that I haven't managed to wear for years.

    Ultimately if you rely totally on diet to loose weight, then the scales matter, if you exercise then they don't really paint a proper picture. I'm much 'thinner' now than I was three months ago, but I'm the same 'weight.'

    Happy days.
  • I started running in May weighing a digraceful amount (I do have an under active Thyroid) and since then I have lost 18lbs and gone down from size 20 to 16..... Result.

    I am trying to get into my local police force and they have told me I have to lose 3 stone before I can re-apply - So I am half way there.

    Had a lovely bit of encouragement (yes I am being sarcastic!!) the other day... Out for a run minding my own business when this car goes past and some delightful creature shouts "YOU FAT F**K". At first I could believe it but the longer I was out running the more determined I became. So thanks lads for helping me to my goal!!

    Oh and my distance now is 6 miles. I am entered for the Bath 1/2 in March.
  • Sorry my mistake should read - at first I couldn't believe it.

  • This forum is giving me encouragement. In febat age 40 I Have switched from 'messing about in the gym' to a much tougher personal training programme and now am running 3 times a week (only 25 -40 mins at mo). I am doing a 5 mile fun run in three weeks time.

    But I haven't lost any weight in 3 months - in fact put 2lbs on! However I will admit my stomach has lost fat and I look more toned.

    If the scales showed some results I would feel better though - will it really happen!
  • It's weird isn't it? I lost about a stone just after Christmas in about 6 weeks, then in the past three months have only lost about 3 lbs - nothing different food wise (I'm trying to be careful!), but started running. I do feel a lot fitter, and again, have lost a couple of inches from waist etc. My scales are a bit rubbish, though, (they stick - so you can be one weight one minute, then move a bit and shoot up a stone without warning - very disconcerting!) as is my house - there isn't a flat surface to put them on anywhere! Starting to think I should get rid of the scales and keep on with the tape measure!
  • This thread makes me really happy -  I get frustrated talking to work colleagues who lose lots of weight eating far too little during the day (I'm talking a cuppa soup and a couple of bits of fruit), whilst I ru a long and the scales don't change. I've learnt to ignore the scales now though - I figure if I can run further/faster and my jeans fit better, something must be going right!
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