Another day Another Beginner Another excuse

Where do i start.... first timei put my trainers on and done 15min walk/run felt very good be doing this 3 times a week i keep seeing on forums i ran this amount of miles what is the best way to measure my distance example is 15min run is that a mile.

I have sign up to do a 5k run in May do you think this will be enough time to train I thought I give myself a goal rather than just been a weight loss yes i do want to loose weight but my goal is to improve my health and cut back on the

 I do aerobics and a spin class but find my body is not condtion to running i can do a whole aerobic class without been breathless.

How do any other runners cope with this extreme cold weather as its very hard to  get out the door specially when its dark. Also what time is best to run morning or evening they say you burn more calories in the morning......

lol sorry to blah blah on.....


  • You will soon warm up after a few mins of running. I run mainly in the evening and by the time I've ran for 10 mins the sweater is off and I'm running in a T. You have to start very slowly and try not to over do it. You should have a look at a training schedule, there are a few on here. It's good to have a goal and I think you have plenty of time to train for a 5k in May. I started running 6 weeks ago and ran my first 5k today, it went really well and I did it in 33 mins. When you run depends on when you get time. I have small children to get ready for school so won't get out in the mornings until end of May ish when the mornings are lighter.

    Good luck and keep it up.
  • Congrats on your 5k today i hope that will be me in may that is a good time 33mins. Iam like you finding the time i have a 5month old baby so it can be hard at times specialy when baby does not sleep in the nightimage

    But iam going for a run on monday lunch time all ready and set

  • 5k by may, you will do that easy! there are all sorts of gadgets for when you run to check distance, or you can just use something like mapmyrun website or something similar. the cold is wearing off a bit in my opinion, Im back in shorts and T....and after 5 mins of freezing my arse off Im at a comfortable heat....when its hot outside is probably when you will suffer more!

    I also have 2 kids and a job which works around my kids, so I run whenever I get the chance, I think it helps you become a more adaptable runner if you can run at a variaty of times....I actually like the 6am saturday/sunday morning runs at the moment, its getting light, but there is hardely anyone up and on the roads...

    Setting goals is a brilliant way to keep focused on training! I think if I didnt have a target, I would have just got bored and gave up!

  • Hi everyone image

    Paula well done on the 5k image

    Jacky if I can run then believe me your have no problem lol, I started running in Oct 09 after over 30 years of smoking and as Brian rightly says you do need a goal to keep you going, I did my first 5k in Dec 09 in 31 mins, when I got my medal I was on cloud nine as I've never ran anywhere in my life .

    I'm doing a 10k race in April and a half marothone in Sept. I can now run without stopping for 1:45mins, which I'm over the moon about.

    So if an old couch potato like me can do it then anyone can. As already said pick a 5k beginners training schedule and your breeze you first 5k race.

    I enjoy running in the morning as theres less traffic and its more peaceful, for those cold winter mornings I run in my skins(thats compression leggings & a compression long sleeve top) and a running jacket and I also wear gloves, as already stated it doesnt take long to warm up.

    Anyway good luck image  

  • will pomponi thanks for the adivice I have put in to do a 5k run in june plenty of time,

     I went for a 30min jog/walk  this morn and can feel the improvment already the hardest bit is getting my clothes on but once i was on my way could not feel better so many people walking to work that i feel like no one even notice me jogging also i got some encouragement from some bloke in a white van giving me the thumbs up saying well done that really help me to keep

    Wow  1HR 45 amazing and a 10k in Aprilimage and Sept Martothone

     How many days a week did you train for your 5k run?

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