Baildon Boundary Way Half-Marathon (Race full for runners)

Hi all,

Having missed last year due to injury can I beat my PB for this race in 2010 ?  Any old timers / newbies with a challenge for this year ????


  • Yep,

    The wife and I are running this....has anyone had their numbers yet?

    Wife runs for Skipton.I run for East Chesh(Skipton is about to become my second claim)

  • Hi Glen - I had not thought about my number but now you say it they do seem late coming out, won't panic just yet though as had confirmation email from organisers some time ago.

    I can't get my wife to do this one.

  • First time for me, Wharfy .... looking forward to this, but wondering a bit about the hills .... guess I'll just walk if I have to!

    No number yet ...

  • Its OK....I've been in contact with the organisers and they are holding our numbers back as I am in Skipton for the rest of the month.

    Hope the race lives up to its expectations..been looking forward to this oneimage

  • Hi SD - I know I've seen you on threads before but I can't remember which one, was it Windermere mara ? I may have been Wharfedale Plodder at the time..

    First section (apart from first 100m assuming it still starts by the reservior) is down and flat, sharp climb into the woods, then not bad for a while.  A few miles along the canal are obviously flat.  Then comes the hard section I think around the 10 miles mark - first climb up a path / rough road for a while then a steep rocky section, a bit up and down and tricky footing around the back of the glen and then some cimbing again out on to the moor.  Very boggy patch and a bit more climb through Harvey Smith's gallops, down a side road and cut back across the moor to another short sharp climb (definitely a walk up hands on knees one) and more or less down to the finish. 

    I like it as it has a bit of everything thrown in.  Weather can play a part - first year I did it I was lucky to stay upright in the mud at times but subsequently has been quite dry.

    Sure you'll enjoy it GC - will you be racing against the other half or running companiably together ?

  • Wharfy - you were a plodder last time we "met" ... on the SNOD thread image.    Thanks for info - looking forward to this race as a change from all the road racing .... don't expect anything amazing time-wise, but it'll be my first off-road race in "God's Own Country" since the Yorkshireman last September - long overdue!
  • Hey Wharfy.....I must admit I'm a little too competitive to run with the wifeimage.

    The only time we ran as a couple was on the 'Hebden 22' the other month..I'm surprised the 'mushroom cloud' was not seen over Widdop moor.....Companionably...Thats brilliant!

    Cheers for the route info..I tried to track log the route description but found the instructions a bit ambiguous.

    Fingers crossed for good weather

  • Have just received number and route .... is the course well waymarked, otherwise I'm going to need to put my reading glasses in my bumbag image ....

  • I take it this is going to be a good workout?? Was umin `n`arrin about dropping this for Hull 20,in prep for Edinb. Mara. So is it basically Spen 20 done off road ,toughness??
  • Got my number etc. now as well... 

    SD - I nearly plumped for SNOD, at least you'll be used to a hard ending - in fact after SNOD this'll be a walk in the park...  Yes the course is well marked / marshalled no need for maps etc.

    GC - Always a tricky one, did Trollers Trot with OH a couple of weeks or so ago and was champing at the bit on occasion, I would have run some bits that she walked, but given I had the map etc. I could hardly dissappear off into the sunset...  BBW will be racing against a friend so def competitive.

    DCT - I enjoy this one, it is very mixed so e.g. part along the canal is clearly flat, end has some steep climbs and rough footing, overall I think it is a good workout and would be a shame to miss (esp given race is full so someone else possibly missing out).  I found it v good prep for Windermere Mara a couple of years back.  If Hull 20 is a road race I would suggest this is harder if not quite as long.  I think Edin mara has some hills so definitely good practice for those.

    Have a good weekend running all....

  • Cheers for that Wharfy,think I will stick with it,got number and route decription,also checked out route on Map my run site,sataelite view,elevation etc,seems a good workout,whereas Hull is quite flat and full now anyway.And yes youre right,it would have denied someone else and with them not having a reserve list would have been a waste.Good luck to ya.
  • I'm sure it's a good decision... ran the first 200m or so of the race today (at the end of a short but hilly session), must remember to start slow up that bit of a hill by the reservoir - pulled a muscle slightly one year setting off fast uphill before legs had warmed up.
  • I did the sport mile with my 7 yr old this morning at Nostel Priory,although I did run there and back to give me my Sunday long run whilst the weather was good,so feeling pretty good for next week ,No - 303 i`ll be.Good to ya.
  • Hey Wharfy,

    I did the trollers trott this year for the first(an last) time this year..fantastic event..shame it ws the last.Hopefuly someone will step in and take over the organisation.

    What I said earlier was the kiss of death for me this week..I've picked up a bug that put pay to all my big runs this weekend...all I managed was a walk/jog up Sharp Haw it looks like Bailden will end up  being a training run after all.

    I will defo turn up though....I'm short of long sleeve topsimage

  • Looking for 2 places if anyone has any info much appreciated.

  • Think you will be struggling - all runners sell out quick and I know last year when I had to drop out due to injury there was no facility to pass the number on to someone else..  I think you can still get walking places, but not quite the same for a runner image

    Get in quick next year...

  • Will it be horribly boggy after all this rain ?
  • First multi terrrain race this year for me so will be glad to get off the hard pack surfaces for once!!!
  • Wharfy - any idea whether parking is an issue?   I can get stressed over anything and am now worrying myself about (a) finding Baildon and (b) getting parked when I get there!

    Had a really bad experience on last weekend's 20 mile road race (stomach cramps), but felt ok running with Club last night, so looking forward to this race now.   Just need to keep chilled about it all image .....

  • Shoe advise please??,  Inov8's or will trail shoes be ok, the Inov8 not all that comfy over long distances but i'm guessing its going to be muddy
  • Hi,

    Sorry for not replying - my internet access went AWOL over the weekend.  Hope everyone enjoyed the event and made the right parking / shoe choices.  Karen - I find the same, have some muclaws which are great in the really boggy stuff but give me a blister on right heel every time.  I went for trail shoes and was pretty much ok.  Good few minutes short of a pb - blame it on the wind in the face coming down the canal - although perhaps not enough speed training may have contributed - but certainly enjoyed the day.

  • Cracking race,definitley a bit of a headwind going down the canal but it more than made up for it by pushing me up over the moor later on.Used an old pair of road shoes myself,more for comfort than anything else,afterwards,I thought it was the right choice.Not bad time of 1.47,10 mins off half mara PB,but to be expected as it was first time running over boggy moorland,but the rest was familiar from eccup 10.Hope everyone else had a good injury free race.Did get a slight twinge rolling my ankle over a tree root but that soon wore off,luckily.
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