Heaven and Hell Half-Marathon

have just signed up for this heard its a bit hilly image


  • The course does look quite hilly - are there any veterans from previous years who would like to comment.  I will be in Perthshire that weekend and am thinking of doing it - I dont mind the hills as long as they are not Munroe-esque!!!
  • Hiya ...

    The course isn't as 'bad' as the profile looks ... two significant hills, one near the start which is hard but short and one that comes after a long steep winding descent that is more steady than steep (although the couple of corners are steep). The wee themed touches on the second hill are very entertaining and particularly on a sunny day, the scenery is second to none, with long flat (yes, some that don't even undulate!) high level sections that are a joy to follow. The hardest section for me last year was the home stretch which although flat was exposed to the wind (but still sunny) and I was tired ... I managed 1h41 and my half PB is 1h36. You can pelt the downhill sections to make up the time, if you want.

    And yes, the spread of cakes, snacks and sandwiches at the end is as good as everyone says. Brilliant! This race deserves a bigger reputation, but I hope it stays a guilty spring secret!

    Spot me in the wacky Union Jack shorts!

  • Thanks Myles - that is very helpful and encouraging!!
  • Hi there

    is there any shower facilites at the end of this race?

    thanks in advance

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