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could anyone tell me if I need to take water with Torq gels?  Are they isotonic like SiS Go gels?  The Torq website says that water isn't needed to wash them down but they do recommend that a certain amount of water is taken with them.   What I'm not clear about is if that water recommendation is specifically because of the Torq gel or because it's important to remain hydrated anyway.  Any thoughts?




  • Just to wash them down I'd say.  They dont really know where you are running (desert environment or round peckham) so they cant advise on your hydration levels.

    Just a mouthful of water would swill your mouth out and take the gel off your teeth I reckon.

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  • I'd read that differently - if it's recommended to take x amount of water with them that sounds like they're not isotonic.


  • Torq gels are just energy gels, contains carbs only. water is taken if required. Not too sticky and quite a pleasant taste although prefer SiS gels.

    You've not said what distance you're doing, but personally don't believe gels and isotonic needed unless going beyond 15+

  • SJam - you could be right - I cant see any info on their site even if its Iso or not.

    I would have thought that if they say you dont need water then it would be iso, but who knows ?

    Are they as 'fat' as the Iso ones, or as thin as the High5 ones that do need water ? That would be a clue ?

  • Review from 220 Triathlon

    Torq has now added gels to their range of 'clean fuel' products that use only natural flavours and no artificial colours or sweetners. The beautifully packaged sachets deliver 28.8g of carbohydrate in a 2:1 glucose/fructose solution for better absorption into the bloodstream, and contains sodium (50mg), chloride (85mg), potassium (11mg), magnesium (1mg) and calcium (4mg) - all important in keeping your muscles active. The makers suggest using 320ml water per gel in normal conditions and 500ml when it's hot, which felt right: we encountered no problems, even when ingesting them with no water. Importantly, they taste great...they're also dairy and wheat free. In short, another great-tasting, natural Torq product that delivers what it says on the label.

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  • Hang on 320ml of water with each gel ? Isnt a can of coke 330 ml ?

    Christ I'd be sloshing !

  • I think the recommendation of hydration levels is purely a reminder to take water onboard whilst doing exercise.

    You only get the water warning on the gels with caffeine (Guarana) not sure why.

  • Gazmanmeister wrote (see)

    You only get the water warning on the gels with caffeine (Guarana) not sure why.

    Well from personal experience the Guarana ones.... they made me pee like the Trevi Fountain! That might have something to do with it... image

  • Thanks everyone for your comments - I'm training for VLM so trying different energy products on my long runs. I'm up to over 16 miles now so I feel I need something more than just water. I'll beware of the Guarana ones!!!

    The packs are smaller than the SiS go gels but the gel stuff is fluid and runny, not like a frosting or a paste like say ZipVit. Will try one on my long run on Sat and see how I go...
  • I favour the torq gels and haven't found that the caffeine ones increase my need to pee at all. I just take a swig or two of water with each one.

    I sort of hate taking gels as a general rule though. I've done a couple of 20 milers without them so I don't really feel I need them in training per say. I do practice with them a couple of times before race day though, so I can get used to the feeling of taking something on the run.

  • I have just tried the banoffee flavoured gel today and it was quiite nice (providing you like banoffee pies like I do!)
  •  The Torq website says
    "The texture of the TORQ gel is light and syrupy. It doesn’t stick to your mouth and you don’t need water to wash it down. We have deliberately designed this gel to be easy to consume when you are on the move."
     I tried the guarana one when I was halfway through the 10k run on the Dambuster Tri. Within a few mins I picked the pace up and by the finishing line I was in full sprint with teeth bared. 

    I would recommend them image

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  • Ive used torq gels and got on well with them, but havent used anything else to compare them against.

    RW did a short review on gels (last month) and gave the Torq gel the lowest rating out of the 4 tested, albeit the negative comment was about the taste and cost rather than performance.

    My question is (forgetting about taste/cost) for off road runs of 25 miles plus in the UK, are there better gels out there ?

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