Gels and labour

Hope you don't mind me using my husband's login to post a thread, but have any ladies used gels during labour and did you find them helpful?  Also wondered about some of the post race/training recovery drinks for after the big event?

Thank you for your time

Mrs Little Red Runner


  • LOL, now there's a market SiS haven't bargained for...
  • It won't be long I bet - garish pink packaging and at least twice the price would be my prediction!

    Mrs LRR the cynic

  • Little Red Runner wrote (see)

    Hope you don't mind me using my husband's login to post a thread, but have any ladies used gels during labour and did you find them helpful?  Also wondered about some of the post race/training recovery drinks for after the big event?

    Thank you for your time

    Mrs Little Red Runner

    try whatever you want but i still think you'll struggle to be out running the next day no matter how good the recovery,
  • would struggle to run now, only 7 weeks to go....
  • I'd probably go with an isotonic solution of gin and whisky if it was me giving birth.
  • Sod the gels. Ask for the really strong drugs.
  • once labour is well under won't want to eat anything even will only want for it to be finished...........

    If you do then try then in advance.....they don't agree with everyone and you don't want an upset stomach when your pushing that baby out........believe me.....image

  • Thank's Seren that's worth knowing!  sounds grim...

    As for Kryten - the really strong drugs aren't that great, it's damn near impossible to push a baby out after a spinal...

  • I was thinking this same thing - 6 weeks to go for me. I was going to use the same gels I used in the marathon last year, tried and tested, but they are hard to find at the moment (honey stingers) due to something about importing honey to europe. So that kiboshes that idea! I have also had some success with SiS gels, so will probably get some - even if I don't use them in labour, they could be good for a boost afterward. I'm also thinking jelly cubes, dextrose tablets, even just some runny honey....

    The isotonic type drinks I have seen recommended to stay hydrated - and I would think the recovery drinks would be good for after.  It's a good excuse for a milk shake (or a For Goodness Shakes or whatever) - if theres a fridge to keep it in until you're ready or someone can bring it in for you soon after.

    I don't do needles so strong drugs are out for me.....also I'm hoping to be in a birthing centre where the really strong stuff isn't even available - I'm hard me imageimageimage

  • lol Skotty!! image
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    I never thought about that when my wee one was due.  Might have helped - I was induced at 6am and the contractions started during breakfast, so I couldn't eat, then I missed lunch as I was on the way to the labour suite, by which time I was having about 60 seconds between contractions, so couldn't eat anything anyway.

    By the time she was born at 1.11 am, I was starving.

    One note of caution on honey - if you are planning to breast feed, you shouldn't eat honey (unless it's cooked in a dish) as there is a (small) risk of botulism spores in it, which could be very nasty for a wee tot.

    I had great plans for TENS machine, pool and gas-and-air only.  Ended up having all of those, plus Diamorphine, an epidural and a c-section.......................

  • Mrs LRR - now that's a marathon if ever there was one - 36 weeks to completion with a tough finish! Gels very from absolutely disgusting to pretty yeucky. I think in labour, you deserve something better. The energy drinks provide just as much carbohydrate (usually a lot more and better hydration). I use powdered High 5 energy source 4:1, the summer fruits variety. Taste is fine, not sickly sweet and it also contains 20% protein which is good for post-exercise muscle repair. You can buy it in 50g sachets so it's possible for Mr. LRR to mix you up something fresh on the spot.  Good luck.
  • Thanks RebekahJane - I  had dextrose tablets last time but found they were a bit chewy which is why I  thought about pinching some gels, i'm guessing they're a bit easer to swallow.  Like Nessie I don't remember eating or drinking a huge amount last time and wanted something to keep my energy levels up.  I thought about carbo loading, but could either miss out completely or be eating pasta for a fortnight depending on when baby decides to put in an appearance! 

    I don't really do hospitals and we don't have a birthing centre that near so we're hoping for a home birth - so I guess I'm hard too!  I think all women have the potential to be 'hard'; your body's designed to have babies just as it is to run.....  Good luck with your 'event'!

    Thanks also Tricky Dicky, we'll look out for some of those sachets.  I think a drink may be the way to go after Seren's warning about possible tummy touble!

  • Gels?, surely its just a case of squeeze and out it pops?
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Never thought of gels.  Didn't have time, hour and ten mins after arriving at the hospital, little C "popped" out!

  • I didn't bother with anything except gas and air. Both times I puked during labour so there was no point in eating anything!
  • Thought I would provide a quick update.

     Georgia Rae 7lb 5oz, born at 1410 24.04.10. 

    Unfortunately it wasn't so much a marathon, more a sprint to the finish as she arrived very quickly and was delivered in the kitchen by Dad (LRR). No chance to use gels but the 'for goodness shakes' chocolate shake went down a treat.

     Thanks for all the advice.

  • Awwwwww...... well done.......  image image image   You can save the gels for the next one!

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭
    Yay, I'm happy for you. Have a glass of virtual champagne on me! image
  • conratulations.
  • Next one?  No way, two is enough for me/us.  Just wait, the next time I ask a question it's likely to be how soon after a vasectomy can I run?


  • Now...... there is a thread on that somewhere.............  i'm not too good with links image
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Congratulations image
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