a thread for knitters

Come on and share what you're working on, ask for tips or advice. Hot chocolate, tea and biscuits available.

I'm making my first pair of socks, and a cardigan for myself, plus a scarf for a forumite.



  • I'm doing a shawlette for me but its got wool in so it might itch me and then I'll need to give it away.

    I'll start another Yarn Harlot scarf in purple  soon

  • Wonder how long it will be before we annoy someone? image
  • Probably already have image

    I'm doing a feather and fan baby blanket too but have got in a pickle and need help, its full of yarn overs and knit two togethers so not easy to rip back 

  • I am frequently told that I am annoying so it's nothing new to me!

    I'm doing a sleeveless cowl neck jumper in a sort of purple marl wool.  Nearly done!

    The next project is a raspberry coloured jumper with a cable pattern neck.  I should have gone and bought the wool for that today but I didn't have time.

  • I used to knit, but haven't tried it since I was about 12image
  • I am a knit image
  • moomoo  do you still do needlepoint?

    Small image

    KK my daughter knits but then forgets how to "turn the corner" as she puts it

  • I tried making some cushion tops once in neeldepoint, but they ended up wonky.

    Beebs, would a life line help with ripping back your blanket? I've seen people mention them on Rav, but haven't used them...I'm guessing it's a spare thread you use like a stitch marker along a row to indicate the beginning of a pattern.

    Just downloaded the scarf pattern, only 28 rows for my sock so I'll start the scarf tonight.

  • I think that is what I will do, Kwilter but having ripped back I have 158 stitches not a 150 and I'm not very good at reading my knitting yet. I'll take it to S&B on Tuesday and get help from a clever knitter.

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I can knit but I can't cast on.  It really annoys me.  I reallly must learn.

    I wanted all my nan's knitting stuff when she passed away but something happened (possibly someone chucked it all out or gave it away before she died) and there were only a few bits and pieces left.  Breaks my heart.  Should have said sooner.  I did get her sewing box though.


  • Instructions on YouTube, Mouse.  Don't ask me how I know image
  • I used to knit, but it's so hard to find knitting wool/yarn these days - unless you're willing to fork out for Rowan stuff.

    Where do you all get your patterns/yarns from?

    I still have all my needles image

  • Mouse that is sad, about your nan's stuf. 

    Mr W is right there are some great tutorials on You Tube and if you have a local yarn shop they will help you usually.

    KK, I remeber helping a year 2 class sew Mother's day bookmarks, dog it was hard work with some of them 

  • Wilkie i have a good local yarn store and there are loads of online places. Ravelry is a great place for patterns, many of which are free. Kwilter, TP and I are all on there.
  • I feel a bit of knit and purl coming on...... image

    I'll have a look at that site, thanks Beebs.

  • Local markets are a good source of cheaper yarn if you don't want to fork out for the named stuff Wilkie.  My local wool shop also has a stock of non-branded dk in a range of colours but they do tend to push the branded stuff first as that's where the mark up is I suppose.

    A lot of my knitting stuff is 'inherited' from my mum and granny, shame about all your granny's stuff Mouse as it's so expensive to start from scratch.

    Can somebody remind me what my username of Rav is?  It's similar to this one but not the same as that was already taken.

  • Bloody cheek! 

    Someone has stolen my identity and used my name on Ravelry!

    Huff!  I've had to use a different name - now I'll be like TP and forget what it is image

    Tickled Pink wrote (see)

     My local wool shop ....

    What's one of them??  Even the department stores where I live stopped selling wool years ago.

  • If you search on Ravelry you'll probably find one reasonably locally, Wilkie, they are really back in fashion again.

    TP, I'll go and look for you 

  • Found you, just add an ie at the end
  • Our local John Lewis has a fairly good wool selection but I tend to go to a small very old-fashioned drapery in a little market town outside the city for my stuff as parking is easier.  There is another wool shop in the city but I've not been to it yet.  But you're right Wilkie, yarn used to be sold in loads of places now you have to hunt it down image
  • There's one shop in town that sells nice wool, the local market sells bazaar type wools, and the co-op seems to be reducing what they stock. I make my hubby drive me 25 miles to a market town which has a wool shop and a quilt shop on the same street...heaven!

    Beebs, I looked at your LYS website...it's lovely.

    Wilkie, how dare they!! You'll have to be Wilkieie image

  • It is lovely, Kwilter, I know Maxine and Catriona through school and usually pop in for a squish if I'm passing
  • Beebs- I still have my needlepoint  frames stacked up in the living room, but I don't do it as often as I used to.
    Whatever happened to your Captain Jack pattern?image
  • moomoo wrote (see)
    Beebs- I still have my needlepoint  frames stacked up in the living room, but I don't do it as often as I used to.
    Whatever happened to your Captain Jack pattern?image

    image In the unfinished pile moomoo along with a few others 

    Its 4 weeks until Charlotte's birthday, perhaps I should get him out and finish him, only 5 years after I started 

  • Can I join this thread.  I don't knit that often, but I do a lot of cross-stitch image

    And I am looking for someone with a knitting machine who may be able to knock me up a scarf.  Any takers?  Pleeeeeeease.

  • Can't help you there Schmunkee, I'm strictly a needles knitter.

    I've done a few cross-stitch and a couple of tapetries but I'm not at all talented at either.

  • Not got a knitting machine either, sorry.

    My walls are full of cross stitches, and lots of people have had cross stitched cards from me in the past. The threads are stacked in boxes in a big cupboard in my lounge. Just don't ask where all my quilting supplies are. image

  • Kwilts, this place that you go to for quilting supplies and wool, it wouldn't happen to be close to Dartmoor would it?

    I was sorry to hear you didn't get your granny's knitting things mouse. image

    My nan died last year and my mum collected up all her knitting stuff and gave it to me. There wasn't much, just odds and ends of wool and some squares she had knitted. I've sewn them all together to make a blanket for our cat. There were a couple of nice pattern books too. One was from the 60's and I like to think that possibly she'd knitted me something from it when I was a baby. image

    I'm not knitting anything at the moment but I can feel the lure of the wool now....

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