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  • Aww, ees not scary...

    This is scary! image



  • lol small
  • What a lovely idea, Pink and good planning to start early image
  • I intend to bribe someone to knit mine for me.  Anyone like to offer? image
  • Certainly not, Mr W, that goes against  the spirit of it image
  • image

    I will know unless you're planning to pretend you knitted it in your lunch hours at work (how much stick?) or on the train (where I have spies)

  • Thanks for the hints on changing colours. I shall try that once I've finished doing the tricky heel bit.

    Purl 3 through the back loops is proving kinda tricky image. Good job this is a practice run with charity shop wool image

  • It's not knitting, but may I just post this, my latest completed project.


    I'm still slightly annoyed about the alignment mistake, but at least it was the same mistake on all 4 quadrants. A square mount seemed to best option, I couldn't work out what you could do so as to make it look less wonky.

  • Helen it's lovely. I love the red inner mount against the light outer mount and frame.

    I went into town this afternoon and came back with some blue variegated sock wool and a book on ribbon embroidery...like I need any more craft books

  • That is lovely HL,

    Kwilter, there is want and there is need, want always wins image

  • Very true Beebs. image

    Just finished a pink bamboo/silk blend scarf for a friend . Just have to darn the ends in and I'll be able to post it on Monday. Pic on FB after the rugby.

  • That is lovely HL! image

    I've started yet another pair of Mary Jane slippers... one can never have enough slippers.

  • Did you ever find the missing buttons, small?
  • Beebs Beebs, look what I made.  image


    As subtle as a sledgehammer. x 

  • LN, brilliant image

  • /members/images/88814/Gallery/Needlepoint_Cat.jpg

    From the days when I dabbled in needlepoint  image

    All good pieces of work are a little lopsided!!

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    LN - they are fantastic.

    That's it, I'm inspired.

    Tiny Tears is coming out of the loft and I'm going to find the few bits and bobs I did get left by my Nan.  I'll start scouring the charity shops for other stuff and I'm going to knit.  If I start now, I'll have a jumper by winter.


    PS It would be lovely if this thread kept it's audience.  

  • Sadly I can only upload photos from my mobile to here so they are not too good but I shall let you see the original Mousey  image
  • Love those LN image and I'm in total awe at the needlework from Helen & Meldy, gawjuss stuff.

    I went to collect my yarn from a shop I've not been to before and it was amazing.  Such gawjuss wools and really nice staff who are so enthusiastic.  They were happily sorting out somebody's knitting for them and when I admired a scarf the lady said not to bother buying the pattern as it was only a 4 line one so she just wrote it down for me.  I shall certainly go back there.  Shame I didn't have much time to stroke and coo over all the lovely stuff but the rugby was calling ......

  • Currently trying something new with some chunky knitting wool ... bit of an experiment and its not knitting,  my mother gave up trying to teach me that!

    Ribbon Embroidery is very pretty tho, have a few yet to start and a few finished somewhere around the family !
  • I'm currently knitting a jumper which, when finished, will come half-way down my shins. After freezing my buns off all winter, I figured it was a good way to get rid of the wool I won't use and keep cosy at the same time. It's mustard yellow at the moment.image Can't remember what that wool was for originally.

    I also dabble in cross-stitch and crochet but I can't seem to get the hang of the tension in crochet, so things don't work out right and I can't wear anything I've made - too much of a 'home-made' look. And who wants a crocheted bikini anyway?image I made some nice cross stitch things for the seating at the table this Christmas which nobody took any notice of except my mum and sister. But it kept me amused for about a month.image

    I've done some dress-making too (curtains and trousers and stuff) but I'm rubbish at that too, though it's probably nothing some classes, time and patience couldn't fix.

    Why can't I win the lottery and not have to work?image

  • I get given all the coats and rugs to mend from the stables ....  I apparently do have my uses !!
  • Beebs - No, it's a complete mystery as to what happened to those. I shall have a rumage in my button tin later to see if I can find 2 matching buttons again.

    LN - Love it! image

    Meldy - That's a gawjuss kitty!

    Azacaya - I'd love to be able to crochet too, my granny taught me how to do a chaim about a million years ago but I've not done any since.

    Lol at crocheted bikinis. My MiL once knitted her OH a pair of swimming trunks. They stetched to enormous proportions when he got them wet!!  Not a good look imageimage

  • One of my future projects is to make a button handbag ... I am sure I can put something together with a charity shop rummage !
  • I taught myself to crochet using a Ladybird book.image

    I don't think the crocheted bikini is for wearing to the pool, but I'm not sure. Maybe I should start a thread about it?image

  • I'm still waiting for my knitted Tri suit   image
  • Knitted Tri suit, LOL! Remember to put plenty vaseline on all yer bits!
  • Hope it doesn't sag too much.

    I finished a sock last night, but made a mistake on the toe shaping, so I'll have to re-do that bit. Already cast on and started the second one before I realised, so hope to do that a bit better.

  • Meldy image

    I'm, intrigued by what you are doing with your chunky wool

    Small a mystery

    Aza you'd need to line the peep hole bits up carefully

    Kwilter you are a knitting demon
  • Aza - I had a knitted bikini, but that was as a child when, frankly, it matters less. Pale blue with pink trim. And it didn't stretch when it got wet, but it did feel like it had been knitted from plastic string. Nice!

    I know what yoe mean about wanting to try all these things, but real life gets in the way. I'm dabbling in making clothes for my god daughter and her tiny tears doll. She used to be mine, a present from my god-mother and mum made her a whole wardrobe of fabulous clothes. i can now do repectable gathers, but have trouble with zips

    Cross stitch is just a matter of being able to count - or at least, it is the way i do it.

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