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  • Noooooo!!! You nasty enabler small! image

    Between my quilting sites and this new knitting site, I won't possibly have time for housework.

  • Housework??

    What's that then? image

  • /members/images/88814/Gallery/Sampler.jpg

    I have come to the conclusion that all the rooms in my house are dark ... anyhow, this is one sampler that I was allowed to keep for myself and it has a lovely bright yellow frame so its all spring like !!

    Not the best picture in the world!!

  • Dear Knitters, (long time no speaky, hope you are all well...) 

    I'm looking for a knitting pattern for a blue and white scarf... any suggestions?  Thanks

    If you have a sense of humour and you knit, does that make you a knit wit? image 

  • Good gracious me...! It's Blondie, how the devil are you old bean? image

    Meldy - that lovely, it looks incredibly intricate. Did it take long to do?

  • Meldy that is lovely, looks like its done on 18ct to get that detail
  • Its about 2 foot tall I think .... yes,  it took a while but easy to do as you just concentrate on one month at a time!
  • 2ft?  Prob more 18 inches by a foot
  • It's amazing Meldy image I think, however, if I did the same then my garden would be a depiction of a collapsed trellis, a lot of tufts of grass growing through paving stones and a shed which needs painting .... best not I think.

    Back of lovely chunky pink jumper completed on train to & from Newcastle.  I would recommend a pair of pointy sticks for making people reconsider wanting to sit next to you on a busy train.

  • I dont have a garden so I just pretend   image
  • I thought we all had our own little gardens (cough).  image  Reminds me of a thread from a year ago on Tri..

    Nice to see you are all here where I left you a year ago... like stepping back in time.  Thanks for knitting pattern site Beebs.  Collected any more kittens then, Small person?  Or did you just knit one?  I have a one year old short-haired British silver spot systematically wrecking the house piece by piece..

  • It's lovely to see you back here Blondie! image

    Glad you've got another cat. I've still just got the one. Ah... there's nothing like a small kitteh for tearing up your house is there! I've got corners of carpet missing in most rooms now and the curtains, well, they look interesting. At least he seems to have got over climbing up them now.

    He did knock all the stitches off my knitting the other day when he jumped on my lap and tried to catch the bobbly bit at the end of my needle. imageimage

    Well done on completing the back TP. I'm halfway through my second slipper. With no thanks to my furry friend...

  • Kitten image

    Thought this one was ok, if you've a few odd balls lying around... 


  • very funky, Blondie image
  • Nice garden, Meldy. image

    Small, how's that second slipper coming on? Do you have lots of single slippers lying around like sock knitters do?

    I like the scarf Blondie, not got enough leftover stash yet to do something like that. When I stopped knitting a few years ago, I eventually ditched the last of my stash, which was just half balls etc left from projects. The last two bits I've got are a navy and a pink cotton yarn that I did sweaters for both my children out of. I'm using them up slowly making it into dishcloths.

    The mitts I cast on last week are coming on slowly, I've just started increasing for the thumb gusset. The yarn is beautiful to knit with, and the colours blend into each other really well.

  • I finished the cowl neck of jumper no 1 last night but can't get the sleeve bits done or it sewn up as I have run out of wool and I won't have time to go and get another ball until after my hols.

    I am about to cast on the front of jumper no 2 image

    I had a good trundle round our new Hobbycraft this afternoon.  Gosh, a person could spend an awful lot of time and money in that shop.  I put my hands on my head and closed my eyes and ran for the door.  Particularly lovely tapestry canvas for a cusion wanted to come home with me but I resisted  .... for today.

  • TP, Rattler visibly paled when he heard Hobbycraft were opening a branch here. Luckily for him, it was inside Woolworths, so closed last year. I got some great bargains in the closing sale though image
  • This one is absolutely huge.  I didn't have time to look at the upstairs stuff and I need to get to Waterstones for a book stock up  for my hols.  You'll have to come and visit image
  • So, I've been working on a cardigan since Christmas. I'm halfway up the first sleeve and have decided I don't like it. It's a Sirdar Countrystyle 4-ply in a heather colour but I've decided the cardi was looking too granny-ish.

    I'm resigned to ripping it back but haven't thought about what I'll make instead.

  • Nearly Headless Kwilter wrote (see)
    Sirdar Countrystyle 4-ply

    Now that reminds me of my Mum.  She always used to use that wool!

  • I remember being dragged around the wool shops with my Mum! Sooo boring!image
  • OMG! Not only am I turning into my own mother, I'm turning into other peoples' as well imageimage

    What can I say, there's not a lot of selection at my nearest yarn shop image

  • lol Kwilter...  for some unknown reason I am finding this thread quite hilarious...
  • I've finished my first mitt, and started on the second. They're going to be so cosy.

    Also this weekend I'm working on a sweater that's knit in the round from the bottom up. Never done one like that before so something new there. I'm using the countrystyle 4 ply.

  • no seams to sew up, Kwilter image
  • image

    That's always been the bit of knitting that I didn't like.

    6 rows to go on my second mitt then I start shaping for the thumb gusset...one of my all time favourite words that is, along with flange and placket.

  • gusset *is* a fabulous word image
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